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The world is full of naysayers. For some reason there’s no shortage of people willing to tell you you’re wrong, that you’re not good enough, and that you aren’t going to make it. These may come in the things people say directly, or in the silence of their responses. To make matters worse sometimes the worst enemy is the voice of doubt in our own head. These inescapable thoughts are tough to fight off. In the back of our minds it can be hard to completely remove our nagging disquiet and apprehension.

One of the best ways to beat the doubting menace and bolster our own confidence is when we received encouragement from our friends. We’ve all received a positive word from someone at just the right time. This can make all the difference in the world. It can put a spring in your step and turn problems into challenges we can conquer. Keeping a positive outlook is often the difference between winning and losing.

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But how does one find this on the internet? It’s widely known that people can be a bit too direct if not downright hostile when straying into the online interspace. Most social networks are designed for the full spectrum of our friends. We include close friends, acquaintances, along with those who are quick to say something discouraging. Now there’s a way to connect with people strictly on the grounds of positive social interaction, with PositiveFeedback.me. It’s a new social network that promotes the exchange of positive and uplifting comments. The entire forum is based on the premise that people need and thrive on a little encouragement now and again. PositiveFeedback.me is the place online where they can find it.

True to social network form PostiveFeedback.me lets you invite friends and make new ones. If you’d like to say something complimentary to someone just navigate to their profile page and leave your comment. It also lets you indicate your relationship with them such as family, friend, classmate, colleague, or customer. These tidbits of feedback comprise the menagerie of positive thoughts people sent that person. Over time your profile will become a source of reminders of why the glass is half full, and why things are going your way.

Behold, kindness has found its way to the internet

Wanting to get a sampling of the rush of kind feedback I sought out a few active profiles. Not surprisingly, those of the founders were flush with a wealth of upbeat comments from their friends and family. See above for a sample of the burst of uplifting feedback that can be found on this newly launched network. You’ll notice you don’t have that well meaning but slightly disheartening friend chiming in the voice of doubt. Only 100% bona fide accolades are welcome on these forums. Profiles can be set up for persons as well as businesses. Each can utilize it as a page to gather and display positive feedback.

People of all walks of life need encouragement. A kind word can go a long way; you never know when it will reach someone at just the right time. PositiveFeedback.me provides the forum to give that kind word and make someone’s day better. And in the spirit of giving is better than receiving, sometimes giving a thoughtful remark can bring up your spirits much more so than receiving one. Regardless of what side of the mutually shared optimism you’re on, PositiveFeedback.me is the place for uplifting encouragement online.

Proving yet again that nice guys finish last, PositiveFeedback.me has come and it has gone. Hold your heads high fair and young entrepreneurs.

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