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Website owners are always looking for ways to make their sites more interesting, more compelling, and to keep users there. They make every effort to create intriguing content so their users will always be entertained and keep coming back. Just like stores in the real world the first step of success for any website is getting people in the door and looking around. This doesn’t happen overnight. Just like relationships in real life, so online relationships need to be cultivated.

One way to cultivate these relationships is get people involved. This can be done in a number of ways, including offering them the chance to chat with others. By now everyone’s used to chatting with friends on the internet. Now there’s an easy way to add a simple chat utility directly on you site, with RumbleTalk. It’s a new free tool that lets you configure custom chat rooms that can be embedded in your site.

RumbleTalk Home

Working with RumbleTalk is as easy or as complex as you want. The simplest configuration is to select the skin you like, grab the embed code, and install it on your site. There are two ways to place it on your site. First is in the inline embed code. This will put the chat widget on your site just like you would a video or picture. The second is embedding it as a floating toolbar. It will appear at the bottom of the page like it’s attached to the frame of the browser. That way wherever users are on your site they can always click it. There’s also the option to direct people to a link on RumbleTalk’s site so they can chat there as well. If you look at the bottom right of this page you’ll find the floating chat widget for a real life demo.

The chat experience itself is as straightforward as anyone would expect. People can login as a guest, through Facebook, or as a Rumbletalk user. Once logged in it’s just like any other chat room. By default all messages can be seen by all people. This allows people to view existing conversations to see what others are thinking. The simplicity of using RumbleTalk makes it a helpful accessory to add to one’s site.

RumbleTalk works great straight out of the box, but it’s also fully configurable. You can include words you’d like to filter or you can make the chat private to those logged in. It gives you the option to allow guest login and/or Facebook login. For the skin you can select one of the growing list of attractive designs, or you can build your own. The advanced configuration editors lets you to adjust everything from background color to images, border color, width, padding, font, and just about every other aspect of the presentation. With a little bit of finagling the chat room can be designed to match your site’s look and feel.

RumbleTalk Configuration Panel

Beyond the utility itself RumbleTalk also lets you configure multiple chat groups and multiple chat rooms within them. This is helpful for those that own multiple sites or those that would like different chat rooms throughout their site. Along with this you can also create users to manage your chat room. There are three levels of users: Users, Room admins, and Chat Group admins. So let’s say you have a site with five different chat rooms. These would likely all be organized into the same group for that site. Chat Group administrators would keep watch over all the chat rooms, and room administrators would be admins for the specific rooms.

Adding the ability to chat on your website is a powerful way to engage users and keep them interested. It gives them the ability to respond to the content they view on your site and get feedback from others as well. It lets people connect with others in a real and meaningful way. RumbleTalk gives you this ability with its unprecedented fully featured embeddable chat utility. With it any site can quickly and easily have chat rooms.

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