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Many people embark on the quest of launching a website. I remember the first time I trekked along such an endeavor, we had absolutely no idea what we were doing. We were two software guys with various backgrounds thinking, “How hard could it actually be?” As it turns out there’s more to it than meets the eye. What initially looked like the simple task of throwing together some code and putting it online grew to an outlandishly difficult array of chores. Not the least of which is the diversity of technical skills needed to pull it off. Sure writing some server side code didn’t seem so intimidating but then you have to generate world readable HTML pages. From there a bunch of CSS needs to hang, and that’s just getting going. Some JavaScript and jQuery enters the ring and before you know it you’re learning four to five to six different protocols. Now connect a database server and figure out the best way to store and query your data. Finally pull out your sysadmin hat and put the whole thing online, complete with working email servers and many other amenities. We limped across the finish line with a few mildly functional sites. And then of course once it’s online your internet marketing campaign begins, of which we also knew little about. If you build it they will come, didn’t exactly work for us.

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For all of the above reasons, getting a start-up going is a challenging task. It has to be a labor of love and something you enjoy doing anyway. If not, you may not make it. In all cases it’s beneficial to reduce the amount of disciplines your small team has to master. Perhaps you know a marketing genius you can recruit. Or maybe you know a front end developer who’s a whiz at the presentation and interaction aspects. However you do it reducing the amount of work on your plate is a great way to get your start-up off the ground sooner.

Now there’s a way to drive straight past the development cycle and get your site online, with Scripteen. Scripteen is a provider of PHP scripts that are out of the box solutions to common web applications. By installing their scripts you can launch an entire site or add extra functionality onto an existing one.

The list of scripts offered by Scripteen is lengthy. They include anything from a Domain Marketplace script to a Facebook Like script. Then there’s my personal favorite, an Arcade script for those looking to build an online gaming network. An interesting tidbit is one of the practice projects we once worked on was in fact an online video game site. For $15 for Scripteen’s rendition of this we could have saved two months worth of work. We enjoyed the development process, but that’s two months that we weren’t putting into marketing our site and developing the content. The value quickly becomes apparent.

Another benefit of Scripteen is that it’s in PHP. I’m not a particularly savvy PHP coder but I know I can figure out how to manipulate it if needed. It’s a very legible language with a broad user base. They say the reason WordPress beat Moveable type in the blogging software arena can be partially ascribed to it being written in PHP. This same advantage applies with Scripteen’s scripts in that it’s feasible to customize and edit them to your liking.

Arcade Script

For some coding is a joy. For others building a dynamic marketing plan really gets them going. Still others just want to see a product come to market. Scripteen takes care of the coding so you can focus on the other aspects of building an online presence. With it your site will be up and running so you can get to the more tangible aspects of starting a business online.

  • Scripteen

    Thank you for the awesome review :).

    1. Steve Gibson

      Our pleasure!

    2. Mike

      Can I get support from the script I purchased from you? the db.sql file dose not work at all, i left you over 15 emails. please support your work, thank you

  • veenasunanda

    Awesome scripts i like their Face Insert Script

  • Winston George

    Scripteen is a scam, I purchased 4 of their scripts, the first did not work and all they said is that it works for them, the second script I tried had files missing including the important setup files, they did not answer my support requests and have not given me a refund for these non working scripts.

    As soon as Scripteen get your money they do not answer your emails but they do answer emails from sales questions as I used another address and asked about one of their products and they got back to me with 2 hours.

    Again Scripteen is a scam site, their scripts do not work and they offer NO support to its customers.

    Be warned do not use Scripteen it is a scam website, the CEO Ron Johnson is a con man.

  • Unsatisfied Customer

    I purchased their Knowledgebase script but it would not install and I kept getting a T_STRING error.
    I contacted them 3 times via their support ticket area but received no reply !!

  • Ironbit

    I’m having the same problem with these scam artists. Bought a theme and it doesn’t even function as intended. I’ve emailed their support desk 3 or 4 times now and they’re just blatantly ignoring my requests.

    I will have the last laugh though, when I get a refund via Paypal and then modify and improve the code significantly enough to call it my own.

  • Rikard

    Scripteen is a bunch of scammers i have buyed some of there scripts and they dont work the sql database in the install files are from there own site and contains porn and viagra comments installation fails and when mailing the they blame it on the developer and say that they know about the problem but continue to sell unfinished scripts so dont buy there scripts they will leave you with nothing

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