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Building a website can take hours, or it can take minutes. For the truly industrious you can start with a blank HTML page and begin building the site. Some time later you can learn CSS and try to finagle it until it works. As many people have come to learn, there are many idiosyncrasies with getting your site to display information as you would like. Not the least of these is the discrepancies in how the leading browsers interpret your code.

I don’t want to unduly deter anyone from building their site from the ground up. You get a profound sense of satisfaction knowing that you built the site all on your own. But sometimes businesses need a site built and need it built now. They don’t want to hassle and fuss with coding. They just want a site that looks good, with a domain name they can put on their business cards, and email addresses that work. For this, there’s s Site2You. It’s a turnkey web building service that allows you to create a professionally looking website customized for your business.

Site2You Home

Site2You is a website building tool that comes fully supported with a staff to help you achieve the desired result. The way it works is you first select a template to base your site design off of. They have over 100 different designs to choose from. Once you select your template you can use their site building editor to arrange the content and the design to your liking. Their website builder tool is top notch actually. You can drag and drop content within the page. Edits can be done inline so you can see the way it will look right away. New pages and settings can be adjusted from the admin interface.

To many the task of learning a new admin interface is a bit daunting. They just want a site, not a learning curve on how to set it up. Site2You is designed specifically for this situation. They offer two plans: the Premium plan and the Anti-Crisis plan. The Premium plan is designed for those who prefer to hand off the technical details to the Site2You staff. It comes with no set up fee and three hours a month of certified webmasters work to help you with any updates you want. It runs at ~$50/month. The Anti-Crisis plan is in the $20-$25 range depending on how long you subscribe. It comes with a setup fee which is currently $199 and comes with an initial allotment of web master hours as well. Both plans come with training wheels, so to speak so you don’t end up spending your time trying to figure out Site2You’s CMS. Both plans also come with unlimited hosting and free domain names, along with 24 hour support during business days. You can also provide an existing domain name if you prefer to purchase it on your own.

Site2You Admin Interface

Setting up a website is a challenging and exciting task. There are many different ways to go about doing it. Site2You is a solution designed for the specific needs of businesses so they can build a professional site in the shortest amount of time. Their proprietary CMS is designed to make editing your site easy and their fully trained staff is prepared to help. With it businesses, clubs, and anyone else, can quickly and easily create a professional presence online.

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