SlideMyPics: Instant Embeddable Slideshows

Placing pictures on a website is nothing new. It’s been going on for many years. Placing slideshows on the web has been going on for years as well. This isn’t ground breaking technology for the internet either. In recent years most sites have graduated to ensuring their slideshows don’t automatically refresh the page every time you click on a new picture. There’s definitely something that’s appealing about cleanly clicking through a set of pictures on a website.

Despite all the advances with uploading pictures online and placing them in slideshows, there’s one area that isn’t as developed as it could be. That is when you’d like to include a slideshow on your website. As it turns out the code needed to create a slick and appealing slideshow of pictures isn’t trivial. Uploading a single picture is no problem. Placing them statically on the page takes no time at all. But figuring out how to get one to switch to the next along with including forward and next buttons takes some work. And getting it so that the entire page doesn’t reload with every new picture also takes some special code wrangling skills. It’s best to leave such tasks to the experts. One such expert is SlideMyPics. It’s a new online slideshow creator that lets you quickly and easily create custom embeddable slideshows.

SlideMyPics Home

SlideMyPics’ site exhibits the ‘one page of happiness’ website design. It boasts a single page to create your slideshow. On this page you can indicate the pictures you’d like to include and adjust various settings. These settings range from the height and width of the frame, to background color, to background music. Yes, SlideMyPics let’s you add some tunes while your slideshows are playing.

For uploading pics they decided to make it easy on us. SlideMyPics knows that we’ve already uploaded our pictures somewhere else. Instead of making us upload them yet again they allow us to link to those accounts instead. You can pull pictures from Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, Photobucket, or SmugMug. Once you click on the network of your choosing you select the pictures you’d like to include. By scrolling slightly down the page you’ll find an unmissable button labeled Organize photos. This brings up an interface to drag and drop the pictures in the order you’d like them. You can also remove pictures you choose not to include.

The final customizations come just a little bit further down the page with the Settings button. It sits at the bottom of the Preview button which by this point will already be displaying your newly created slideshow. Here you can adjust the size of the pictures, select a few template options, and select background music. The template includes three options for transitions between pictures- slide, fade, and thumbview. The settings are also where you can adjust the background color. To select music SlideMyPics is integrated with YouTube so you can search for your favorite song and set it to play in the background. I’m not 100% sure on the copyright clearance for large record label owned songs so be sure to check that before infringing on someone’s rights. Once everything’s configured the only thing left to do is to embed your newly formed slideshow. Given the simplicity of it I included my test slideshow below.

SlideMyPics’ one page website does not include user accounts. Instead it gives each slideshow a permanent link on their site where you can edit it or make updates. There’s a widget that allows you to email this link to yourself for future editing.

SlideMyPics creates attractive HTML5 ready slideshows that can be embedded anywhere in the web. It’s a great way to give your site a professional feel and display pictures on your site.

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