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Putting together a band is like competing for an event. Instead of competing with other bands you’re competing for the attention of the audience. This is an entirely different type of competition, one where there may not be a winner. We’ve all flipped through the radio stations only to turn it off because there’s nothing interesting playing. Capturing the interest of the audience is a challenging task that takes a special kind of musician to accomplish.

As enthusiasts of the indie band scene know, bands battle all the time. Competitions are set up, people vote, and winners are announced. These battles are a great way to keep people interested and to give up and coming bands something to shoot for. There are many shows at dive bars around town, but these are where the rubber meets the road, where the grain is sifted from the chaff.

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Historically these battles take place on stage at a venue set up for this purpose. It provides a place for fans and onlookers to come and check them out. These are certainly fun to go to. I’ve known a few bands that took part and some who even ranked pretty high. It gives them a little badge of honor that they can use to promote their future gigs. Now there’s a way to enter such competitions online, as SoundSpar. It’s a site that allows bands to join and battle, and for fans to vote.

SoundSpar’s basic usage is to host battles. Two bands will be pitted against each other, a deadline is set for the battle, and the voting begins. Each band is allowed one song in the battle and people can listen and vote. Anyone can view battles and listen to songs. To vote you need to register. Users can also join band’s corners for those that they like.

Musicians have the option to create an Artist’s pages. These are for those that have some tunes to share. The way it works is one band member will create the band page, then other band members can join it. The original creator can approve or deny their membership. The Artist page consists of a description, photo, and sound clip. Once it’s set up you can challenge other bands to battle. It’s just like picking a fight in the school yard. In this case though the other band can accept or reject the battle. Once the challenge is accepted the artists will be entered into a sparing ring where fans can decide which is better. At the end of the battle the winner is awarded five points, and the loser gets nothing. If they tie each gets two points. The music industry is a make it break it industry; there’s no room for second place. Details about the battles can be found here.

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There’s nothing like a little bit of competition to catch people’s interest. People like watching spirited bouts, rivalries, and match-ups. It makes it interesting for those checking out new bands and gives them a perspective to measure the quality. With two songs from two bands matched up to each other it make it easy to decide which one you like better. With SoundSpar bands can compete to be the best band and fans can see the latest up and coming music.

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