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Nearly seven billion people on earth and no one to call. This is the fate of many who live their busy lives in the height of society. Somehow or another many people spend their nights alone with no one to talk to, and no one to call their own. Nobody wants to go through their lives alone.

This has given rise to a booming online dating industry. For those who don’t have an interest in the bar scene or otherwise find themselves single they can turn to the internet to try to meet someone new. These sites come in all shapes and flavors, each trying to give people the opportunity to connect with others. Some of them match personalities. Others take the Craigslist free for all approach. Still others try to connect people based upon common interests or activities.

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At the end of the day the goal is to make meaningful connections with real people that extend to your life outside the internet. As of yet it’s unclear if a dating site has successfully accomplished this, leaving room for a new contender-SwoonXO. It’s a site that organizes online meetups so you can get to know other people. These are dubbed Live Mixers and put a number of people in the same chat room based upon common interest. These Mixers are accompanied by Hangouts, which are when you go out into the real world and see people in person.

The way mixers work is a time and date is selected and people can join them. Some are world wide, some are restricted by location. You can chat or have video chat with the various participants. When you’re in a mixer you’ll see a variety of people. If you’d like to initiate a one on one session you can click the icon to make eye contact with them. If they accept you’ll be whisked into a five minute video chat session with them. At the end of it both people are prompted how they felt about it. They can either indicate that they felt a connection or that they don’t wish to talk to that person any more. If both people indicate they felt a connection then they’ll be given access to each other’s profiles and they can further the conversation. If not, then that’s why it’s called a mixer. You move on to other people until you find someone you enjoy talking to.

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SwoonXO isn’t limited to mixers and live hangouts. It also provides a forum to discuss various dating related topics and a hot or not tool. The forum is a great way to interact with others if you aren’t ready to be in the center of all the attention. You can chime in on topics you’re familiar with or get other people’s opinions. The Who’s Hot section displays a guy or girl’s picture and you rate it. If you’d like you can view their profile and make eye contact if you like. SwoonXO comes with a complete messaging system, but people can’t communicate until they have a one on one and both elect to continue. This greatly reduces the amount of unwanted attention that can occur on online dating sites.

Finding the love of your life can be difficult. Some seem to meet early in life and live happily ever after, others aren’t as lucky. SwoonXO gives you the opportunity to meet people based upon common interests in a real and meaningful way. Its live mixers are a new take in the online dating world. It provides a friendly and safe environment to meet new people and gives you the opportunity to get to know them. It also makes it easy to continue on your way if you aren’t interested. They’re currently in open beta with the live mixer schedule just gearing up. Soon, SwoonXO will be a thriving online hub for people to meet someone new.

SwoonXO appears to have rebranded as speeksy. Still a dating site, but with a different slant.

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