TownFit: The Battle of the Bulge

They say some women like it when guys have a bit of a pooch on them. Maybe it reminds them of their dad. Or maybe it conveys a sense of security from having a stable, sedentary job. I always thought it was a bit ironic given the number of guys that hit the gym in order to slim down, buff up, and look good. They might be making themselves look too good! Whatever the reason people all over the world go to the gym in order to get and stay in shape. I have some friends involved in one of the craziest fitness groups, CrossFit. It’s an entire subculture in the workout world. It boasts the most arduous workouts around and has a deeply impassioned following.

Personally I like going to the classes at the gym. You know, the kind that us guys think are just for women. Little did I know what I was in store for the first time I walked into a Bootcamp class.* I thought I was in shape and then five minutes into it I was staring at the clock pleading for it to go faster. I have no idea how I made it through that first hour. Over time it became a bit of an addiction and a challenge. As one guy put it, “You just can’t do that to yourself.”

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What he meant was in order to drive yourself to your maximum potential you need someone to push you. You can go to the gym and hit the weights and stair stepper, but having an instructor push you along makes all the difference in the world. They ensure you’re using correct form, encourage you to do more than you would have otherwise, and suggest exercises that take your workouts to a higher level.

Some people take the next step and find personal trainers. Sure the camaraderie of a class is great but having someone watching over your form and monitor your progress puts you on the fast track to getting in shape. The next question becomes how do you find a good trainer? Most gyms have a system set up where you can find fitness instructors but these are limited to their own network of people. Some of them may be a good match for you and others may specialize in different areas of fitness. There are strength trainers, cardio trainers, those that can prepare you for a marathon, and numerous other specialties within the fitness world. Finding the personal trainer that’s right for you just got a whole lot easier, with TownFit. It’s a site that’s geared to be the ultimate resource of personal trainers.

TownFit is like the Yelp of personal trainers. As such it’s intuitive to search and sort. You type in your location which immediately brings back a results page of trainers. These can be further filtered by specialty such as cardio, dance, endurance sports, injury rehabilitation, and weight management, to name a few. They even have a separate section for the CrossFit trainers if you’re feeling daring.

Trainers have their location listed along with the distance relative to you. One thing I’ve found is proximity to the gym correlates directly to the frequency of your workouts. TownFit makes it easy to find a local trainer so you’ll be less likely to miss a session. Next you can bring up a calendar of the trainer’s ability. This allows you to request a session at the time that’s most convenient to you. And finally there’s a messaging system so you can contact them directly.

The other half of the equation is the trainers. TownFit provides an interface for them to register their service so those trying to get rid of the pooch can find them. This requires a minor amount of setup for which TownFit provides a series of video tutorials.

TownFit was recently launched and is currently available in all states. They hail from San Diego and have a concentrated amount of trainers in that area. More are being added daily. Finding a personal trainer is important for those who are serious about getting in shape. With TownFit it’s easy to find the right trainer for you.

* I had to draw the line when I accidentally walked into a Turbo Kick class and they made us do a step routine dubbed the Tina Turner. It was a little too sensational for my taste.

I knew one guy who gave up and started calling it a tire. You’ve got to watch what you eat people! Fruits and vegetables every day is the cure all for many diet woes.

TownFit is down. We’d like to say that they’re down but not out. But alas, they’re down AND out. Their server is redirecting to some other site that has no relation to the workout infused application we describe below. We salute TownFit’s happy yet brief foray into the web and hope someone lost a few pounds on account of their effort.

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