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Becoming a rock star is the dream of many. It could be the allure of rocking out on stage. Maybe it’s the desire for money. Or maybe they just love the music. My favorite musicians are in the latter category. It’s pretty obvious when someone truly loves the music or just wants the attention. In any case, all around the world amateur musicians are following their dreams of putting bands together and playing some tunes.

Making it as a musician is certainly tough. Many people only listen to what they hear on the radio. These songs are professionally done and cater to whatever’s most appealing to the broadest number of people. Thus, there’s a whole world of songs that are missed by sticking to mainstream music. The garage bands around the world have been known to put together some pretty cool songs. Sure they might not be as professionally produced as their radio ready counterparts, but their unique and unfiltered nature is intriguing. The world of unsigned musicians is a fascinating one.

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Now there’s a way to explore this world, with WeLoveYourSongs. It’s a site that allows musicians to post their songs and for people to check them out. It comes with an inline player so it’s easy to hear the latest music.

The way WeLoveYourSongs works is straightforward. If you’re a musician you can register as such which allows you to create a profile and upload songs. In my browsing around I came across a typical indie band named the Russian Ninjas. (Pictured below.) Profiles contain links to their band info including Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace accounts, and other information about the band. Of course the part we like most is listening to the music. Just click play on the song of your choice and it will start playing. The profile also allows them to post upcoming events.

Fans have a different interface. They register as fans which gives them the ability to vote for songs and leave comments. Each song has a “Love” button next to it that fans can click if they like it. As fans navigate the site and vote on various songs they’re building an automated profile. This displays their favorite artists and comments.

One thing about indie band is that they’re always vying for more attention. For this WeLoveYourSongs hosts competitions. They keep an ongoing list of the top artists and top songs. This is a great place to see the crème de la crème of the bands. The competitions are free to join and open to unsigned artists. The rewards are a free ticket to attend the Future Music Forum Barcelona and other merchandise. If heading to an indie band forum in Spain doesn’t sound cool I don’t know what does.

Russian Ninjas Profile

WeLoveYourSongs gives unsigned artists a chance to be seen and be heard. It also gives fans a chance to check out what new artists are coming out with. I’m sure many musicians first few songs may not break into the charts, but if they keep at it they may just come up with something that’s special. WeLoveYourSongs gives you the ability to see the latest hits as they happen, and scan for emerging stars.

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