Apptivo: The Conqueror of Business Applications

By now everyone knows that companies need software applications to successfully manage their business. These range from customer relationship management tools, to project management apps, to supply chain, and financial management. Then of course they need a website which may be integrated with some of these tools so you know when a customer buys something or leaves feedback.

Finding the right mixture of apps can be challenging. There are so many options it takes a lot of research to decide which ones to use. Although I’ve grown accustomed to finding ‘everything’ online, I didn’t quite expect for that to include all these apps in one place. I also didn’t expect to find all these apps in one place for free. It turns out they are. Apptivo is a recently launched provider of every business software application you could ever want. What’s more, they’re seamlessly integrated with each other.

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Apptivo’s list of apps is a bit dizzying. They offer all the services mentioned above and more. Human resources, marketing, product management, fund raising, sales, asset management- the list goes on and on. Take for instance their supply chain solution. It will calculate shipping costs automatically based upon predefined logic, as well as provides real time status updates. It can ensure delivery of the products based upon client requested dates and allow warehouse employees to directly manage the shipping process and receive updated inventory information. Typically such an application works as a standalone software tool and costs a hefty price. Apptivo’s solution is both robust and free.

Let’s explore another category of apps- Sales. It can be configured to create and capture orders online via your website. Since it’s integrated with your inventory the automated form or customer service reps on the phone will know the updated available inventory. This can allow a small company to maintain the professionalism of a large firm.

The list of apps provided by Apptivo is lengthier than can be given justice in such a brief article. We’re pretty impressed they managed to fit so many different app mentions in their intro video. The question remains- how will Apptivo pay for this free service. Surely they plan on making money somehow. True to form, they answered this question the same way they answered every other question- they offer even more apps. In this case they are paid apps for various services that have hard costs. These are for things such as fax lines, domain names, shipping, hosting, or storage. But Apptivo doesn’t use the $6 for a jug of milk at the convenience store business model. Instead they negotiated bulk discounts with various third party vendors and charge you what you would have paid anyway. By purchasing through Apptivo you gain the seamless integration with the rest of your data.

All told, Apptivo provides over 50 apps that can help manage your business. Invariably you won’t need all of them. At the same time, if your business needs change there’s a pretty good chance that Apptivo already has the solution ready and waiting for you.

Integrating complex information systems is a challenging task. Apptivo decided once and for all that these applications need to be built together so that they work in unison. That way sales, supply chain, HR, and every other application in your business can have access to the same information. Imagine- the same person’s information that’s entered into the hiring form can later be utilized for the customer service system. It won’t need to be entered again. Apptivo allows companies to once and for all greatly reduce the amount of duplicate work that is common in corporations. Whether sole proprietorship or large businesses, Apptivo is soon to be the preferred choice for a complete business management solution.

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