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There are three things people look for when it comes to owning property- location, location, location. At the end of the day people aren’t as concerned about the quality or design of the house as they are the people and area they live around. If their kids walk out the door and are offered illicit substances it doesn’t matter if their house is a mansion. If they have a great view of the ocean but the schools in the area are sub standard then that may not be the best either. Where your house is located makes all the difference in the world.

But how does one go about learning about a new location. Let’s say you’re moving to a far off town in the Midwest. Or perhaps you’re moving to the big city. In today’s day and age it’s easy to look for houses online but it’s not as easy to learn about the neighborhood. That is, until AreaVibes came along.

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AreaVibes is a resource that contains a complete set of researched information about any location in the US. It can be sorted by city or neighborhoods within that city. As we all know towns have good parts and bad parts. AreaVibes gives you a full picture of the general feel of a place. It contains a hierarchical set of scores culminating in the a single AreaVibe overall score. This final score is a number between 1 and 100 which gives you a bird’s eye view of an area.

The real power of AreaVibes is in drilling down and checking out what a city’s comprised of. For instance in San Francisco we received a towering 78. I imagine the 22 points we lack comes from our homeless sections cordoned off in various pockets. Some of the categories we can explore include the ever important cost of living, crime index, education, and employment. Clicking on education brings up stats on the total number of public and private schools, student/teacher ratio, graduation percentages of the various grades, and a variety of other statistics. It even lists all the universities and colleges.

Taking another tour through AreaVibe’s results I searched through the health and safety section. This brought up everything from numbers of police officers, ratios of officers per 1000 residents, number of hospitals, and air quality information. All these pages have a moderated comments section so people can contribute their on the scene opinions of various locations.

Rounding things out AreaVibes provides city guides, demographic info, city reviews, Q & A forums, and local business info. It’s truly a complete resource of everything you would like to know about a place. And, to further interest clientele in contributing to their site they have a points system. Those who contribute photos, participate in forums, or post reviews will gain redeemable points. These can be traded in for gifts such as gift certificates from top retailers. It makes contributing to AreaVibes more fun and provides a more personalized view of various locations as well.

Researching a new location can be challenging. AreaVibes makes this infinitely easier than it’s ever been. Whether you’d like to see a high level score or want detailed information, you can find all the information you need. It helps you quickly narrow your search when planning trips or permanently relocating. From languages, gender ratios, to everything in between it can all be found at AreaVibes.

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