Chit Chat for Facebook: Now on Blackberry

Update 24 Aug 2012: In response to Facebook releasing their own Windows Messenger Chit Chat notes the many features it offers not yet available in FB’s product. These include¬†status update aggregation, proxy compatibility, and short cut keys. Chit Chat has trail blazed for Facebook’s messenger in the past with many of its innovations finding their way to FB’s product. We advocate staying on the cutting edge with Chit Chat.

Facebook is the current king of social networks. They dethroned MySpace so completely and resoundingly that, I kid you not, Justin Timberlake himself is now an owner. We wonder how the people at News Corp sleep with themselves. The shame! This actually isn’t a terrible decision though. The fact of the matter is the only thing that kept MySpace hanging on so long was their solid stronghold in the music industry. Bands were not bands until they had a MySpace page. These were the business cards of the sullied wardens of the acoustical nightlife.

Sure there have been music based replacements since MySpace’s unglamorous if not unnoticeable fall. Some of these have been embraced by the die hard garage banders. None have risen to the level of being observed, noticed, and followed by the fanfare that bands so desperately seek. Perhaps selling to Timberlake wasn’t that bad of a move after all, despite being the largest piece of humble pie Murdoch has found on his plate in his long and decorated career. I can just imagine the tone in the boardroom when that one went down. “So Bob, what do you think about selling to that ‘N Sync guy? I mean, the Janet Jackson thing went pretty well.”

Chit Chat for Facebook on Blackberry

Regardless, I’m staunchly in the MySpace isn’t coming back camp. Even Friendster’s still online for that matter, if anyone’s still around to notice. And never mind the looming threat of Google Minus One. I think it’s time Google admits they’re good, but not that good. Just like socializing in real life they should stay out of social networking. They’re nerds and apparently not welcome at the party. Which brings us right back to Facebook.

The main reason Facebook has been so successful is that it connects people together. People log in not to look upon its fine interface but rather to look at their friends and share part of their life’s experiences with them. Of course this all takes place online amidst a series of walls, messages, pokes, and friend requests. There’s one other major aspect of Facebook’s app that people can connect with- their chat utility. And let’s face it, it just doesn’t cut it and probably never will. Chatting on Facebook is minimally functional and boasts few of the features commonly available by modern chat tools. Sure it gets the job done but it’s a fair bit underwhelming.

As such, third party providers have offered alternate ways to chat on Facebook. Chit Chat on Facebook is one such provider of free Facebook chat software. This has been enjoyed by many for their desktop Facebook Chatting needs. It offers no reprieve for Blackberry users though. They’ve been stuck with the standard Facebook mobile app and its limited chat tool. Answering the pleas of those wanting an enjoyable Facebook chat experience is Chit Chat. Chit Chat has now been ported to the Blackberry.

This new and improved Facebook Chat on Blackberry offers many features that make chatting on Facebook easy. First we have to observe that it’s a good looking, clean app. It’s as easy to use as it is to download. Essentially, it works as you would expect. The only thing one needs to be aware of is you log in with your Facebook username as opposed to your email address. This is easier to type anyway. The customizable features let you adjust the colors so you can further enjoy your chatting experience. This includes changing the hue of text, background, and speech bubbles. To further make things easy on users the interface includes key based scrolling. Instead of endless scrolling you use the spacebar and cursor to scroll through your contacts. If you don’t feel like scrolling you can use its filters to locate your friends. And as would be expected it comes with audio or vibrate alerts. These can be customized as you prefer.

Chit Chat For FaceBook Friends List

The display itself presents you with three tabs. First is your friends list, second contains ongoing conversations, and third has unread messages. This simple navigation makes it easy to enjoy your chat sessions with friends. To chat you need to be connected to the internet. More details can be found here on how best to connect.

The time has come; we thought we’d never string the words together- Facebook IM Blackberry. Perhaps the English isn’t always perfect, but it’s always understandable. For $1.99 it’s well worth the price. Chit Chat has continued their quest, their cause, their sole ambition in life, to offer improved chatting on Facebook’s network. Don’t get us wrong, Facebook has done a great job in a number of ways. They just didn’t get the chat part right. For that we have Facebook chat on Blackberry, with Chit Chat.

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