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They say one of the secrets to success is handwritten notes. This could be for many reasons. First is the obvious- that people will open and read a handwritten note. When people receive their mail they sort it. Ads go on the bottom, next are business communications, and at the top are personal notes. A hand written note puts your letter at the top of the pile. It’s the first thing they’ll read, with a degree of warm anticipation. Handwritten notes are from people that care.

The second and less obvious reason why personally written notes make an impact on one’s success is the effect it has on the sender. If a company views every customer as a treasure and a valuable asset then their business will naturally grow. You don’t send handwritten notes to those that you took advantage of. You send them to those you took care of. This has an effect that permeates throughout a business, raising the bar on their level of service.

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But businesses are busy. Most don’t have time to write attractive scripted letters. It takes time, and let’s face it, cursive is a dying idiomatic language. Computers have replaced it and there’s talk of removing it from schools. It’s on its way to being relegated to the art department and outside of the core curriculum for students. In my case my writing was illegible from the start making any such written notes a chore to read anyway.

Beautifully prepared hand written letters very much are forms of art. Beyond the functional substance of the content, a well written note is aesthetically pleasing and a gift to receive. People save them simply because they’re unique and nice to look at. I think everyone has that aunt who writes the most beautiful cursive letters. What we need in business is to find such a person to write our thank you letters for us. And we can find them at Classic Thanks.

Classic Thanks is a handwriting letter service. You provide them the content, select the pen type and letter head, and they’ll write the letter. Specifically and notably, they have a calligrapher and artist who does all the letter preparation. Her name is Lisa and she’s developed a selection of written fonts, styles, and penning colors. Her repertoire of previous work includes amongst other things, artwork for the Vatican. While she’s not busy following in the steps of Michelangelo, she’s available to write your thank you notes for your business relations. Although handwritten notes sound great, I’ll concede I’d very much like to see her greater works of art.

The process can be customized to your liking. You can have them send the note to you to send out or have Classic Thanks send them out directly. As would be expected they hand write the envelope, emboss the outer envelope, and attach a stamp. The notes themselves are 100% cotton Crane thank you notes, which is apparently the standard for business correspondence. This is a huge upgrade from the times I’ve sent notes out on lined paper.

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Now the astute observer will see a flaw in this system. Let’s say you decide having a Vatican level artist write your thank you notes is a great idea. So you sign up and have them send out a few notes to clients. The issue is you’ll never see the final product, only the client will. To ensure you know the value of your purchase they scan and email a copy to you as well. Further details and options with their service can be found here.

I’ll admit that I have a soft spot for artists. Coming from a background of clumsy writing motor skills I greatly admire those that have an elegant command of it. Classic Thanks provides you the option to send your customers the most beautifully handwritten notes available. With it businesses can improve their customer relationships, which invariably leads to higher profits.

Classic Thanks found itself bowled over by the same internet train that put printers out of business. Quite unfortunately we had intended to use this service on occasion. Such an occasion never arose, which contributed to their demise. Fair well Classic Thanks. Your contribution to the internet was elegant and pure in a world of digitized rhetoric.

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