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By now we all know Craigslist is a clumsy tool. It was founded in the mid 90s and has changed little over the years. For some reason what’s most attractive to them is the top technology circa the last millennia. At this point it’s clear they aren’t going to bring their site up to date with any of the new amenities afforded to modern websites. We need to take matters into our own hands.

And so a small nation of websites have been constructed in an attempt to fill in where Craigslist left off. Some of these provide automatic notifications. Others provide more attractive interfaces. And some fix the lackluster search functionality. One site that greatly improves and augments a specific niche within the Craigslist classifieds is CLcarz. It’s a tool that lets you search for cars across multiple cities at the same time.

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CLcarz is an easy way to search for Craigslist cars for sale. To use it you simple enter the make, model, range of years, range of price, and cities you’d like to search. It lets you select as many cities as you’d like. In so doing, this saves you a lot of time utilizing Craigslist search tool. Also of note is that this gives you more search criteria than Craigslist as you can search for the make and model of the car. This of course isn’t surprising given Craigslist’s partial attempt at a website. It certainly is helpful though.

Once you describe the car you’d like to find CLcarz presents you with a summary of the information you entered. Here you can confirm the type of car you’re looking for and the locations you’d like to look. Once submitted it returns a list of Craigslist posts that match that criteria. These are direct links to Craigslist- CLcarz’ job is done. To make things easy for you the new ads open in a new tab or window. This prevents you from having to click on an ad, press the back button, and then click on the next ad. CLcarz goes out of their way to improve the search interface of Craigslist.

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Now, this may seem like a simple solution, but it can save you a lot of time. Let’s face it- people are tired of looking at Craigslist’s uninteresting interface. They certainly don’t want to spend any more time on that site than absolutely necessary. Were you to attempt the same search on Craigslist you’d have to navigate to the Craigslist pages for multiple cities a search each of them separately. This is very tedious and takes ways too much time. Large ticket items such as cars are the type of thing you’re willing to travel a reasonable distance to purchase. If you find a good deal you may be willing to go a couple hours away or even have it shipped across the country. After all, you’ll be driving that car for a number of years. It’s important to make sure you get one that’s right for you. CLcarz gives you full insight into all the Craigslist cars matching your search criteria in any city you want.

Finding a car on Craigslist can take a lot of time. Given that most people search multiple cities for cars CLcarz is an extremely helpful to tool. It saves you time and energy in one’s search and is the easiest way to find cars on Craigslist. Moreover, it lets you spend as little time as possible on Craigslist itself. For all these reasons, CLcarz is the preferred way to look for cars on Craigslist.

  • j.

    great concept……doesn’t seem to work though….let me know when the buggs are out(ie.- can’t save your search, or be alerted when your search comes up) and nothing ever came up but dealerships……….

  • Craigslist Cars Custom Search Engine

    Hey, I’ve noticed Craigs Cars for Sale has the same feature as CLCARZ, but it works MUCH better. Also, they provide tips and tricks on how to save money on vehicles when using Craigslist. I’d rather use Craig’s site.

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