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One part of being a growing business is that they need to hire people. A company’s ability to hire qualified and competent candidates is critical to its continued and ongoing success. If they hire less than adequate employees then things can turn sour quickly. I’m sure we’ve all worked for a company where some not so diligent cohorts leaked onto the payroll. For whatever reason once someone finds their way into a company they tend to stay there. This is partially the case because the process of hiring people is cumbersome. Managers don’t like to do it any more than they have to.

Hiring someone typically consists of posting jobs on multiple job boards, reading through hundreds of resumes, and maintaining a system to help keep the entire process organized. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has two sub folders in their inbox- one for Yes and one for No. This makes for simple organization but it sure doesn’t scale well. There ought to be a way to manage one’s hiring process from job listing all the way to onboarding. As it turns out there is, with JobMuncher.

JobMuncher is a tool for businesses that streamlines the hiring process. It starts with posting a job on their account, which can then be promoted on other job boards and their website. It makes it so you only need to list the job once and then all candidates can view that same listing. They offer multiple packages. The more advanced ones give you the ability to embed the job listing on your own site or on sites such as Craigslist or Monster. When a candidate finds a job listing they’re interested they can apply directly through the JobMuncher interface.

Both employers and candidates are given a dashboard interface relevant to their activities. For candidates this includes applying, monitoring status, responding to messages, scheduling interviews, and similar. For employers they conduct the other end of those tasks as well as post jobs, rate candidates, and make notes. All these features allow employers and candidates to track the application progress within the same interface. Employers also have the ability to post documents that are associated with that job.

JobMuncher Demo

JobMuncher unifies the many steps in hiring new candidates. Within a single interface jobs can be posted so hiring managers don’t need to post them all over the place. If that position is filled then they simply close the position from one location. They can carry on all the communications through JobMuncher’s interface including scheduling their interviews and tracking their notes about the candidate. It can be hoped that with JobMuncher employers won’t be as hesitant to extract the under qualified employees within their ranks to make room for those that more adept. Regardless, JobMuncher helps organize the hiring process saving people time and money. With it hiring managers can quickly post their jobs and begin finding the right candidate.

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