Jostle: Untangling the Complexity of Corporations

We all know companies can be inefficient entities. Combining large groups of people from a variety of backgrounds doesn’t always work out as one would hope. It takes a concerted effort to get everyone to cohesively work together for the overall success of the business. Historically this task has been relegated to managers. These overseers of activities and operations have the near impossible job of motivating people to work, keeping them on task, and planning ropes course outings.

One of the main things that’s lost as companies grow is the ability to connect with people across the organization. Let’s say you have a simple database question that someone in a different department could answer off the top of their head. In today’s siloed corporate structure you’re just as likely to spend a lot of time figuring it out yourself than attempt to seek someone’s help across the company. As often as not it’s faster anyway and creates less ripples from various departments. This disconnectedness needs to change. That change comes to us from Jostle, which is a site that provides the tools to unite corporations and foster an environment of collaboration. It’s like an organizational structure on steroids.

Jostle- The Relationship View

At a basic level Jostle includes the typical hierarchical structure that we’re all familiar with. People can see who works for who, what their role is, and find some basic contact info. That’s just where things start though. People can network across various departments, form collaboration groups to work on joint projects, and even include external contractors or customers in groups. Once a group is formed it’s easy to email all members with a click of a button or search for individuals based upon their skill sets.

So let’s imagine an entirely hypothetical scenario: You work for a company that promoted its office girl to Executive Vice President. (Who would do that, right?) This office assistant proceeds to creates a series of rules and regulations that make it impossible for anyone to do their job successfully. In so doing the indolent sneak bolsters and emboldens their position as being the one person doing their job, meanwhile everybody else fails miserably. In their misery the unfortunate minions may find that they need to work with a department on the other side of the office. Typically they would be assigned a chore of negligible import except for its remembrance on their performance review. Normally you’re completely out of luck as separate groups tend to be inattentive to other groups’ needs. If you’re set up with Jostle you can form an internal team that bands together so the holdouts can better manage the workload. Historically such arrangements are made at the closest bar. With Jostle it can be set up for all to see as the stalwarts hope against hope that the tyranny finds its end. Again, any correlation to real life circumstances is merely coincidental.*

Jostle’s main calling in life is to break down the silos that naturally form in businesses. They do so by providing a visual organizational structure that can be searched and given additional structure by others. You can recognize accomplishments of individuals or groups and communicate with various individuals better. There are multiple packaged offerings from the free Chart Edition to the Max, Pro, and Plus options. They come with a 30 day free trial and complementary onboarding support.

Org charts have historically been ignored as their contents seem irrelevant and uninteresting. Jostle takes these org charts to help unite an entire organization so that everyone can understand in a meaningful way the components of the various groups. It’s easy for people to get lost in their own division and become separated from the greater goals of the company. With Jostle companies can maintain a stronger synergy and increase overall communication and productivity.

* We were unable to verify if Jostle can dislodge secretaries that wandered out of their office into management. But then, common sense oft escapes the notice upper management.

  • Brad Palmer

    Thanks for the perceptive review Steve.

    In addition to providing organizational clarity, the Jostle platform also bridges information silos, across systems and locations. When you discover a person or a team you can immediately find their key information. Link here to learn more about this aspect:

    Brad Palmer
    CEO, Jostle Corporation

  • Jessica Hollander


    Jostle wrapped up a successful launch at E2 Innovate, the leading conference and expo for social enterprise tools and technologies held in Santa Clara, California from November 13th-15th.

    For Jostle, this event was a critical test. Would the Enterprise 2.0 world understand the value of its unique and simple People Engagement® platform? Link here to hear about our launch:

    Jessica Hollander
    Director of External Relations, Jostle Corporation

    1. Steve


  • Jessica Hollander

    Jostle Announces French Alliance
    Transitive Society to Bring Next Generation Enterprise Software to Europe and Africa

    Vancouver, Canada — (January 17, 2013) — Jostle Corporation (, a next-generation intranet software company, and Transitive Society, a consultancy helping companies transform in a connected world, today announced a strategic partnership to help European and African organizations adopt Jostle’s innovative People Engagement® platform.

    Get the full story here:

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