Nautical Monkey: Fractional Boat Ownership

Many people dream of having a boat. There’s nothing quite like being out on the water with the wind and mist in your face. It’s gives you the ultimate freedom with few rules to keep in mind. When you on a boat you have the ability to go wherever you like. It can be an invigorating and relaxing way to spend the day.

Most boats however are underutilized. They sit docked or parked somewhere while their busy owners tend to more pressing matters in their lives. Sure it’s nice to have a boat on the side of the house dreaming of the next time you get to take it out, but that boat isn’t doing anyone any good there. It’s just sitting getting a little more sun and slowly rusting and falling apart.

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An old neighbor of mine once sagely commented that you don’t need to own it to enjoy it. This is certainly true of public parks, beaches, and many of the things we enjoy doing in life. When it comes to boats you need to either rent, borrow, or buy them to enjoy them. Renting can be good, except it’s usually high priced and you have to worry about the hourly schedule. Borrowing is hit or miss and can strain friendships. And buying is costly- unless of course you share the cost of the boat with other people. This is called fractional ownership, and can be managed by Nautical Monkey.

Nautical Monkey is a site that provides everything you need to organize the shared ownership of boats. It provides everything from sample contracts which help define the terms of an agreement, to calendars, to tracking the dates the boat is being used. It’s a complete system that cultivates and manages shared boat ownership. It’s also a social network where you can connect with people to partner with in your shared boat ownership.

The first thing you need to do is sign up, which is free through the end of the year while they’re in beta. Next you can fill out your profile so you can begin looking for boating partners. Once you find someone who seems like a good resource to connect with you can enter into an agreement with them. From there you can utilize all the resources you need to successfully share the boat. First is the aforementioned scheduling tool. You can set up a calendar which includes wait lists, day swapping features, reservation confirmations, and notifications. Next is expense tracking. This keeps all the expenses for the boat in one central location so owners know how to divide up the payments.

Especially helpful is you can manage the boat ownership with their mobile app. This includes their dynamic check on /check off list which allows members to update tip information with engine hours and fuel usage. They can also submit maintenance reports while on the boat as well. On top of being helpful this gives people the ability to update the system while the information is on their mind. Otherwise it might be forgotten about.

Nautical Monkey Mobile App

Since Nautical Monkey has a built in social network it comes with messaging and the ability to connect with other people. It’s a great way to learn of skiing, sailing, or fishing spots. On top of utilizing the shared ownership features, People can further get involved in the community.

Owning a boat is a fun but expensive hobby. Most people don’t get around to using it nearly as much as they planned. Thus, shared ownership is a logical and cost effective solution. It provides more people to help with the maintenance and expenses. Nautical Monkey is a well thought out solution to manage this process making boat ownership a convenient and viable solution for everyone.

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