ShowMe: A Tool for Teaching

Teachers love using aides to help illustrate their point. Sometimes these are chalkboards. Other times they have props to demonstrate what they’re talking about. One of my favorite things to help teach with is a dry erase board. With them you can use what looks like a permanent marker and draw on a clean white surface to your heart’s delight. If you mess up or want to move on to the next thing you can always erase it and start over. It’s a great way to quickly illustrate a point.

Sometimes people go to the next step and create training videos. These are typically done with some kind of video editing software and take a certain degree of effort to make. They have the benefit of being reusable as many times as you want. They can also be played at the learner’s convenience as often as they like. YouTube is a great resource for training videos on a number of subjects. The reusable nature of video tutorials can save teachers time and effort.

ShowMe Home

So what is the best way to build a training video? There are free video recording and editing software application available. You can work through these until you get the hang of it. Or you can use a new iPad app that makes it easy to create video tutorials. It’s called ShowMe, and is available for free from the App Store.

ShowMe turns your iPad into your own personal, recordable, white board. You can quickly create demo tutorials using the touch screen interface of the iPad. These include voice over recordings to explain the topic to all who view it.

One great thing about ShowMe is that it promotes learning. ShowMe’s are posted on their website so anyone can watch them. That gives people the chance to browse through and learn new subjects. Among the tutorials being offered are an explanation between boiling and evaporation. It only takes a few minutes to watch and is very educational. Possibly more practical is their SAT preparation section. It includes a complete set of tutorials that take you through various sample test questions.

To further foster the culture of learning are ways you can share your ShowMe’s. They can be promoted on Facebook, Twitter, by email, and embedded on other websites. Given the multiple options it’s easy to share topics you found interesting and make them accessible to others.

ShowMe is just another way iPad users are living up to their high brow reputation. They can use it to create interesting and educational presentations in a matter of minutes. It’s almost like they’re declaring themselves the erudite elite by making it so easy to impart one’s great learning to others. Regardless of any perceptions about iPad users, ShowMe is a great tool to display one’s knowledge of a topic online.

  • johnhernandez

    I think chalkboards is one of the best way for teaching. actually we are using projector for online classes.

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