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Including media into websites is a common occurrence. These can be anything from pictures, to videos, products, or even other websites. These are the tools people can use to make their own site more interesting. They use them to tell a story, to illustrate a principle, and to engage their users.

Historically images have been embedded one by one, pieced sporadically throughout the page. If they decide to get fancy they can upload them to a slideshow viewer. Videos of course are displayed separately from the pictures, taking up precious web site real estate. Products may be posted within an article along with links to other websites. And that is how media and external content is most typically displayed in websites.

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It’s time for innovation and creative minds to expand upon the paradigms of old. Somewhere along the way we need to ask ourselves the question, “Do we really need to place every link, picture, video, and product reference in a separate location?” As it turns out, as soon as the questions escaped our lips the answer came back to us. Deep in the night beyond the clouds in a stormy sky we heard a booming voice declaring loudly and clearly, “No, you can just use slidestaxx to combine them all.” This astounding sacrament of guidance and direction from the heavens points us to a new way of doing things. Never mind the fact that our revelation may be slightly imagined if not entirely contrived. slidestaxx provides a free tool to improve the way you embed and share media on the web.

The first thing we need to learn about slidestaxx how to spell it. They take no offense at the lower case ‘s’ in their name. In fact a great marketing executive from the abyss made clear that under no uncertain terms did they want it capitalized. We suspect the celestial figure behind the booming voice is related to the great branding entity of the deep. In all seriousness, nobody really knows how to brand or design websites anyway so the otherworldly analogies are rather appropriate. Now that we’ve been careful not to capitalize the ‘s’ we next must be sure to only include two X’s at the end. We have no knowledge of what may happen were a third X to be included but we suspect it may incur a visit from the only chaste Roman deity.

Now that we’ve achieved syntactic epiphany we can begin to use the service. slidestaxx, is a slideshow viewer of sorts. Contrary to typical slideshow viewers though slidestaxx allows you to include a variety of media in your show. You can have pictures, videos, links to other sites, and links to products. Currently the pictures are pulled from Flickr, ImageShack, Photobucket, and Picasa. All you need to do is enter the URL. Videos are from YouTube or Vimeo. Products are from Amazon, and I’ll let you guess where the websites come from. I’ll give you a hint- it very closely resembles the internet.

Sample Slidestaxx Shows

Once you’ve created your slidestax (we’re not sure on the singular form but we’re going to go with one ‘X’), you can share it on the web. It can be embedded anywhere or linked to its page on slidestaxx. All slidestaxx are given a profile page which has a permanent link. This can be shared on social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter. The profile page allows for comments and for other users to like your slidestaxx.

Sharing media on the web is nothing new. slidestaxx provides us a new, more condensed, and easy to method to display it. No longer do you need to include multiple instances of pictures, video, and everything else in your site. You can create a slidestaxx show and embed and share it anywhere you like. slidestaxx is a clever and new way to share and display media content on the web, and appeases all celestial figures, whether real or imagined.

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