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It’s no secret that women love to shop. One thing that was news to me though was that often when they buy things they don’t intend to keep. They’ll pick out a few blouses fully planning on taking one or more back. This sort of thinking is quite foreign to me. To me the goal of shopping is to spend as little time in the store as possible. Buying something knowing that you’re going to have to go back seems so inefficient to me.

Part of having an enjoyable shopping experience includes getting tips from friends. Oftentimes women shop together and get immediate feedback on something they picked out. Or if they do find something they like they tend to tell all their friends about it too. In today’s world with mobile phones and cameras they can get feedback right away. Just take a picture of whatever you’re considering purchasing and send it to your friends.

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Now there’s a way to get the sort of advice and feedback you need from both your friends and other would be fashion experts, with Tip It Girls. Tip It Girls is a site and mobile app designed for women to assist them with their shopping decisions.

The way it works is you’re at the store and find something you might like, but you aren’t completely sure. You take a picture of it with your Tip It Girls app and then submit it. This will be featured to all your followers and random people who will rate your submission. You can then take their feedback and make a decision on whether to buy it or not. So when you’re shopping and find something you like, just Tip It! Tips are organized into categories including fashion, decorating, home accessories, and location.

So let’s say you have particularly good taste. When women see that you’re picking out things that match their style they’ll choose to follow you. And when you see people who have unique and chic fashion sense you’ll choose to follow them. This gives you the ability to be the first to know when they’ve tipped a new product.

As we all know, women, (and people in general), like to have various levels of friends. The followers are one level, but you can also have an inner circle. These are you’re My Tip It Girls. To be in someone’s My Tip It Girls group both need to opt in. From there tips can be sent to everybody, or just private friends.

When tips are received people can not only rate them but also comment. This creates a dialogue about how everyone feels about the product. The collection of a girl’s tips are displayed on her tip page. They can be managed, edited, shared, or deleted. As time goes on top tippers will be recognized. Those that attain the most followers will receive badges. These include Tip It Model, Fashionista, Diva, Queen, and Top Tip. Badges earn you credit for Tip It Gear as well as recognition on the site.

Tip It Girls is a recently released site. As they gear up it will become a long needed accessory to women’s shopping trips. They can get the assurance they need right away on their shopping decisions. Or they can show off their style choices. With Tip It Girls perhaps women might also save themselves more trips to the store. Regardless, they’ll definitely be able to have more fun shopping and find better products.

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    It is also good to note that a $500 LAUNCH PROMOTION make this a no-brainer!

    What would you do with $500? All you need to do to win is use the site…pretty dang simple :)

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    Shopping always make a girl happy but when you choose something from back way then it’ll be unhappy matter. Thanks for this post, it must help teens to continue shopping smiley.

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