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Vouchfor! Cultivating Word of Mouth

Sales are the lifeblood of every business. If the deals don’t come in then there’s no way to pay the bills. Businesses of course know this and in turn hire account managers, customer service reps, and any number of professionals to ensure customers are buying their product.

In the world of business there’s one surefire way to always increase sales- word of mouth. If your existing customers are saying good things about you then you will get new customers. People trust what their friends and family say much more than anything else. Thus, it behooves companies to do everything they can to create the atmosphere where they’ll get more word of mouth business. This starts with ensuring the customer has a good experience so they’re inclined to talk about it.

It doesn’t end there though. Oftentimes businesses set up referral programs to incentivize customers to promote their products. These typically offer discounts or extra services if they refer someone. This has the good effect of bringing in new business while keeping both customers happy. As many stores are online it’s all the more important to learn how to harness customer referrals- which is where Vouchfor! comes in. It’s a recently released site that manages online referral systems. You can set up referral offers to existing customers and then they can spread the word and earn rewards.

Setting up Vouchfor! is simple. First you create a referral campaign. There’s a wizard that will walk you through the steps. This includes setting up the current customer reward and the new customer reward. A common scenario would be giving the current customer a cash bonus and the new customer a discount. Once the referral campaign is built the name of the game is to share it. You can put a link in your signature, blast it on social networks, or use the website button with the Vouchfor! logo. A particularly attractive display is to use their Facebook app which presents your referral offer nicely within your business Facebook page. This allows customers to refer people from within your Facebook page without navigating to the external website.

Tracking referrals is the key. Some people try to finagle systems in order to procure a better deal. For this Vouchfor! provides a secure and confidential Reward Voucher with unique IDs. The Vouchers are issued to someone who goes to the site and first ‘Likes’ the referral, then once the friend buys something the Reward Voucher for the customer is sent. This allows all the transactions to be monitored and tracked.

Vouchfor! Sample Referral Page

Vouchfor! offers full analytics and tracking so you can gauge the success of your referrals. This is essential to knowing how successful your campaigns are. It’s a highly robust and thorough solution. Among their early adopter customers are Charter Air Group, Citrus, and a Mercedes-Benz dealer. Not a bad line up for a recently launched company.

Earning customer referrals is a key element to building one’s business. It augments your sales and keeps your business alive. In all markets your best sales people are your customers. If they say positive things about you then others will buy. Vouchfor! allows you to reward your customers for taking the time to share their positive experience with your business. It will not only increase sales but will keep your existing customers happy as well.

  • Darrell

    I am using VouchFor! for our Social Media seminars and love their service. Sure beats those daily-deal smb killers.

  • Edgar

    Vouchfor is amazing. It’s easy to set up and use, extremely professional but still very sleek in appearance, it has incredible analytical tools to allow me to concretely track the results of my campaign and, best of all, it’s very inexpensive. You can’t get a more effective and less expensive way to promote a business. Thank you VouchFor!

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