Wicked Start: Starting a Company in 10 Easy Steps

Many dream of owning their own business. They’ve lived the ball and chain life of the office. They’ve put up with the politics and lack of influence and control. They’ve settled for a happy, healthy paycheck month in month out. It’s a good life, a safe life. A life that some, if not most people desire and want. But not all people.

There are those that want to break away. They have an itching desire for something better. They have a head full ideas and want to see them come to fruition. They would like to be the leader of the pack leaving behind the huddled masses of feeble office minions. Never again will they go on a ropes course team bonding experience only to realize how little they have in common with their cohorts. Never again will they be called in for their annual review and be severely annoyed that their year’s worth of work came down to a 3.5 out of a possible 4.0 score. That was my own personal wake up call. I couldn’t accept being a 3.5, although it was the highest rating next to the workaholic 4’s. No, I needed something different, something challenging. Something that mattered. And so I like many others, began a start-up. Foolishly.

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The first few endeavors fit squarely into the category of no planning and no tangible goals. I figured I’d just work hard and it would work out. After all I was 3.5. In the same way that this wasn’t good enough for me in the office life, working hard wasn’t quite good enough outside of it either. You’ve have to plan. You have to prepare. You have to address as many of the variables and outcomes that can come up during the course of one’s business. This latter part is now easier than ever to accomplish, with Wicked Start.

Wicked Start is a site dedicated to the success of startups. They help them by outlining and scheduling 10 steps that startups should go through in order to lay a strong foundation and road map. Without further ado those steps are:

  1. The Starting Block
  2. Industry
  3. Prototype
  4. Corporate Structure
  5. Business Plan
  6. Funding!
  7. Business Infrastructure
  8. Hiring
  9. Operations
  10. Marketing

Now if you’re anything like me your first though will be how could a website be remotely interesting that has a single top ten list? Upon closer inspection it turns out each of these steps is further broken into sub steps which go into greater detail on what you should focus on. Take for instance Funding. It has its own ten steps including anything from finding investors, practicing your pitch, and getting the money.

Each step contains an intro video and text describing the general goal and process. The sub steps contain anything from tools, videos, to further resources. These may include a financial calculator or a link to an external website. Guiding the entire process is a schedule. As part of signing up you’re asked how long you need to plan prior to starting your company. It will then assign you target dates that each step should be completed by. You can view your progress in the progress bar as you check off each section.

Wicked Start Ten Steps

Rounding out the utilities provided by Wicked Start are a directory you can upload files to, a community page, and a resource center. The files directory is the apropos place for the business plans and elevator pitches you may create during your start-up planning. The community is a great way to ask specific questions regarding the planning process. And the resources are links to helpful books, articles, and videos.

Starting a company is hard. It not only takes hard work but planning as well. Wicked Start gives you a clear road map for planning your company. No matter what industry you’re going into or what reason that motivates you, Wicked Start is the first place to go.

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