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As the resident computer guy I’m often asked to help people with their generic computer questions. Often enough they request that I help them with their ‘small project.’ Small project is almost invariably a ton of work that they don’t want to pay a lot of money for. After all, this is a small project, right? In a recent email I received these words, verbatim: “Once we give you all the information you need, how long, roughly, do you think it would take to create the website? And, again ballpark figure, how much it might cost?”

It’s of course laughable to anyone with web building experience to think that you can predict the schedule and price prior to seeing the website requirements. To non techie consumers however they view websites as a product, like say a train set or a set of LEGOS. To the uninitiated they’re all kind of the same thing and require the same amount of work and talent.

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Making web building accessible to non technical people has opened up the web to greater and greater audiences. Tools such as WordPress and its world famous five minute install, or services offered by Yahoo or Google have made it easy for anyone to have a site. With a minor amount of technical skill anybody can now have a little home online. What these services do is prebuild the vast majority of the site and let the user customize a few options. One such category of websites that is in desperate need of a prebuilt solution is online digital content stores. All the customer I mentioned above wanted was a place to sell their digital songs and advertise their soundtrack business. Were they to build this site from scratch it would cost thousands. Or they could use DailyDigital, for free.

DailyDigital is a prefab online store builder that allows people to create stores to sell their content online. They can create attractive storefronts which have a home on DailyDigital’s site and can be embedded anywhere on the web. With it people can easily put together an online store and manage their sales, payment collections, and content through a simple online interface. It provides the best security content precautions the web has to offer and allows users to focus on creating content.

Setting up DailyDigital takes a minor amount of technical know how, but it’s not overly difficult. You need to connect it to your existing hosting account. This can be from services such as Amazon S3 or GoDaddy. If you don’t already have a hosting account DailyDigital will help you get set up with one. Then you need to sync your accounts so you can manage the content. Once set up you can upload files, add titles, tags, and descriptions. You also have the ability to create collections. By default files are sorted by file type such as all videos, audio files, and pictures being stored separately. Let’s say you’re an up and coming rock star and you’d like to group all your content associated with a specific show together. You can create a collection for this so your fans can find it all in the same location.

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As mentioned, DailyDigital’s service is free. The way it works is the content is commission supported. They collect 15% of your sales as payment for the service. If you’d like to eliminate this fee then it’s a flat rate of $20 a month. If you aren’t selling your content then it’s ad supported, but the ads are removed if you sell your content or if you sign up for the monthly plan. So when starting out you can sign up for the free service. When things pick up you can switch over to the monthly fee to limit your expenses.

DailyDigital opens up selling digital content to anyone who desires to. Whether they have a ton of technical experience or are just getting going it’s a great way to sell content online. Its slick and professional look gives you the ability to create a professional and secure store online. With it anyone can create a digital store online.

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