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The other day I was in a friend’s car. On the floor was an iPad just waiting to get smashed. A different friend is keenly attuned to the latest iPhone 5 news. He’ll be first at the store when it comes out. Of course I think we all know someone who’s constantly texting away on their Android. And when I go to the gym I see nothing but iPods. The metro is full of all of the above, with a few Kindles mixed in there. And then there are those who swear by their Blackberrys and are never more than 4.5 feet from them. Everywhere I look and everywhere I go, I see gadgets.

To some, including famed astrophysicist Stephen Hawking, this is cause for concern as they issue foreboding warnings of AI doomsday scenarios. Didn’t Hawking write a book on something important at some point? My how things have fallen apart for the former leading thinker of our day. While these devices may frighten some into bunkers, others embrace them wholeheartedly. In fact a strong majority of red eyed minions are slowly succumbing to gadget mania. They’re addicting, fun, and often extremely useful.

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Where can one go to learn more about the latest gadgets? With so many devices coming out is it really possible to keep up with them all? There are so many websites out there that report on them it would be impossible to track each and every one. As it turns out there’s now a way to find all the latest news and information about your favorite gadgets, with Drippler. It’s a recently launched web and mobile application that let’s you stay apprised of information related to the devices of your choosing.

Drippler is a news aggregator service highly customized to electronic gadgets. It catalogs every major and minor electronic device and then ‘drips’ news relating to them to you. The way it works is you register, select your devices, and then select the devices for your drips. Drippler stands in complete disregard to those that think electronics are about to take over the world. Instead they openly embrace it. As such people are allowed to divide their gadgets into two categories: gadgets they have and gadgets they want. News, reviews, and commentaries from top sites around the web will then be featured on you’re My Drips page. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em is Drippler’s motto.

By joining the gadget takeover you’ll be able to see news articles and reviews from top sites. Each article has a comment section where you can continue on the discussion. You can also Like/Share the drip, flag it as important, or save it as a favorite. If needed you can also flag it as inappropriate, duplicate, or irrelevant. As with all aggregator services a few articles are bound to slip through that don’t belong. In our browsing we found all aces, including this one about a gadget takeover, takeover. (If such a thing were possible.)

My Drips Page

As we all know gadgets aren’t created equal. Drippler categorizes them by Cell Phones, Tablets, Game Consoles, eReaders, and MP3 Players. To those wary of the coming technological apocalypse this helps in understanding the plot and plans of the enemy. For the rest of us it makes it easier to find the gadgets you’re looking for. The most popular gadgets are posted at the top so they’re easier to find. True diehards can page through the ranks of the enemy’s battalion to find the rest. I mean page through the competing gadgets.

Drippler provides a unique service with their targeted news, reviews, and information streams. Be them press releases from marketing departments, reviews from top sites, or rumors from those who claim to be in the know, Drippler makes them easy to find. And as more people join they can participate in the ongoing conversation and vote for top drips. For those following in the fearful steps of Hawking, Drippler is a telltale sign of AI infiltration. To the rest of us it’s a great tool to find the latest updates on your favorite gadgets.

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