MyWineAssistant: Tracking Your Favorite Wines

Some people love collecting wine. I used to have a neighbor who owned her own mini vineyard of sorts. She didn’t actually own land, only the brand. She would purchase all the materials to produce the wine and then sell it at fairs. It was a sweet apple wine, nice for dessert. In some cases people know every brand and type of wine out there. These oenophiles always have interesting things to say about the wines they taste. They get this sophisticated quizzical look on their face as they sip. Then they pause for a second before they pronounce that it’s fruity with a nice finish with hints of raspberries. I’m pretty convinced they make that stuff up. It’s a far cry from drinking from kegs and Dixie cups as they do at college parties. I’ll point out that drunkenness is one and the same regardless of class and libation.

In my wine drinking experience I tend to buy by the label. If the label seems interesting then I’ll give it a shot. I rarely recall which one I buy as it’s not really that important to me. Except of course when I’m back at the store wondering which ones I liked. Sure there are a few on the list that I remember but I tend to want to buy new ones to explore different wines. Tracking the wines one owns can be a fun hobby and help improve your overall wine drinking experience.

MyWineAssistant Home

MyWineAssistant is just the tool to help with such an endeavor. It allows you to track all your bottles, rate them, and maintains a virtual rack online. It’s a must have addition to any wine enthusiast’s repertoire. As we all know once you start having a glass or two you may not recall which one it was or how you felt about it.

The most basic part of MyWineAssistant is the cellar. Here you can create racks of wine and add bottles to it. You can organize your wine rack like you might normally in your real cellar. Many wines are already in their database so you only need to search for them and then add them to your rack. If you don’t find your wine in their database then you can add a new producer so it can be included too. As we all know wine is sometimes best enjoyed after a certain number of years. Some wines age better than others. MWA lets you indicate when your wines are ‘ready’ for drinking or when they’re getting close to sitting on the shelf too long. For those with elaborate collections it’s difficult to track all the dates of their wines and when they’re ready to be enjoyed.

The virtual rack, pictured below, is an attractive cellar-esque display of your wines. You can display two racks at a time and it allows you to move bottles from one rack to another. This is done by dragging and dropping them. You can also view each bottle’s details.

MyWineAssistant Virtual Rack

At the end of the day MyWineAssistant is a database of your wine collection. As such they provide bulk data processing tools as well. These allow you to make bulk updates to your collection so you don’t have to do things one by one. So if you throw a huge party and your guests enjoy a case of your favorite wine you can update that all the bottles have been consumed. You can also update in bulk wine values, cellar position, and make other information. To ensure your records are kept safe you can also backup your information for offline processing and safekeeping.

MyWineAssistant offers full reports so you can view information on your wines and always see what’s going on. Not to mention it includes an ordering processing feature so you can have new wines sent directly to you. MyWineAssistant set out with the ambition of building a top notch tool for serious wine collecting enthusiasts. By our best inspection they’ve done just that providing a series of dynamic and helpful tools. This will make the collecting and drinking of wine more enjoyable for everyone.

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