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Right now, all over the world, people are trying to find jobs. The economy that used to be thirsty for new employees has fallen on its side and has been slow to get back up. Whereas just a few years ago people were marching on red carpets announcing their IPOs and huge salaries, now sullen eyes look out upon a bleak economic landscape. Employers are stressed, and picky. Job seekers are feeling rejected and ignored. At times it seems like it’s never going to get better.

We all know that the economy runs in cycles. Whatever comes up must come down. In a mark of human indolence, when it goes up people assume and act as if it’s always going to be that way. They in turn buy houses, cars, risky stocks, and many other luxurious expenses while they bathe in the intoxication of prosperity. The warm waters of yesterday have been replaced with the cold showers of reality. People have lost their cars, houses, portfolios, along with the jobs that made them possible. I’ll admit to getting swung into a few brain dead investments of my own. Wouldn’t want to miss all the fun, right?

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The economic turmoil has left people in two distinct groups. The first are the gainfully employed. The second are those that have been locked out of the global workforce. Many of those who found themselves out of work have taken increasingly extreme measures to adapt. Some have gone back to school. Others have started a business. Still others have taken it as an opportunity to fulfill their lifelong goal of sitting on the couch drinking beer all day. It’s been a trying time for all. For those who dare approach the somewhat foreboding job market they’ve found they need to be better prepared. Whereas before emailing a potential employer a plain old resume would have garnered some interest, now people need to find new ways to stand out. There are video resumes, online portfolios, and any number of tools to set your self apart from the crowd. At the end of the day though, the standard resume with summary of prior work experience is the central document of any job search. The question becomes how can someone get the most out of it? The answer- Resumesimo.

Resumesimo is an online resume tool that helps you prepare the best possible resume for your job search. It boasts a 10 minute completion time and has many attractive templates to house your life’s professional accomplishments. With it people can turn their resumes into attractive eye catching documents which are bound to gain attention.

The way it works is first you select your template. They have many different styles and layouts so you can find one to match your personality. Once selected you can follow the wizard to enter your basic resume information. This includes your personal information, work experience, education, awards, skills, and uploading a photo. Some templates offer the option to display your pic, others only contain text. The template and info can be changed at any time. Once all the information is entered your resume is automatically generated and is ready to be shared. It can be downloaded in PDF form and they also provide an online business card. The basic resume includes the template but you can download an old school black and white version as well.

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Creating one’s resume in ten minutes sounds attractive. It spares you the effort of working with Word and formatting it correctly. Many people already have their resume online though. Oftentimes they add this information to Facebook or LinkedIn. Resumesimo is integrated with both of those so you can readily import it. From there you can make final adjustments and be done.

Finding a job is hard these days. Resumesimo knows this and provides the tools to help candidates put their best foot forward. With their easy to use service people can quickly create attractive resumes to help in their job search. As an added bonus they also include an e-book on interviewing tips, salary negotiation, and many other employment related topics. The entire package is ideal for new and old job seekers alike. With it people can know they are doing all they can to impress and gain attention from employers.

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