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Ah the life of a contractor. You get a client, deliver a project that meets their needs, and the client is happy. It’s great! The only thing left is to wait for payment. And wait. And then wait some more. After phone calls, voice mails, emails, and a bit of persistence you’ll finally receive compensation. Sometimes it’s more work collecting on sluggish clients than it is to do the actual work. It’s an unfortunate facet of human nature and doing business.

Ensuring you get paid starts long before you send the final invoice. It begins when the project is first discussed. Along with the statement of work should come a schedule for completion dates, and schedule for payments. This sets the client’s expectation for the entire project and prepares them for when they can plan on paying. As certain stages of the project complete you can send an invoice to keep everything on track.

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Oftentimes contractors begin managing invoices using MS Word and converting them to PDF. I’ve done this many times. It’s quick and simple. This will hold you over for a while but ultimately it becomes difficult to manage. To further complicate things some clients may pay a recurring fee, others a one time or segmented fee. Before you know it all you’re doing is managing invoices all day. To handle the workload you either need to hire an assistant or get smarter about the way you invoice clients. A smarter way to invoice clients is with SnapBill. It’s a fully featured online invoicing and automated billing system.

SnapBill accounts for many different types of billing. First is one of my favorites, their automated billing system. As many people know one great way to make money is to collect recurring fees. With SnapBill you can set it up once and the client will be automatically invoiced. It allows you to adjust the amount, interval, and end date if any. The other common billing scenario is one time services or purchases. You can create custom invoices and set payment terms for these as well.

As SnapBill is an online solution is comes with customizable forms so clients can sign up and pay online. You’re given your own online ordering center which can be set up with your own branding. The invoices themselves are fully white label and can be configured to match your site. The ordering center is a simple and easy way to allow customers to sign up and pay online. Instead of managing a new invoice by hand you can have customer sign up and pay all on their own.

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Perhaps the most compelling aspect of SnapBill is the breadth of billing intricacies that are accounted for. These include accommodating for tax as well as discounts. It has PDF integration or invoices can be sent by HTML. Multiple currencies are supported. It provides full statistics and reporting. You can add multiple users so various members of your staff can help manage it. And you can use SnapBill to communicate with clients by text and email. So let’s say you’re looking through your last month’s invoices and notice a few clients that haven’t paid yet. You can quickly send them a note as a friendly reminder that payment is past due. In fact their messaging system is a full featured support ticketing system which can be used for a variety of purposes. SnapBill knows that the key to successful invoice collection is clear communication.

Collecting invoices is essential to the sustained success of any business enterprise. To do so requires a high degree of organization and client management. SnapBill provides you the tools and technology to support all your billing needs. It’s integrated with all the major online payment gateways and collection methods including PayPal and This ensures that the money finds its way to your account. SnapBill’s the best of brand online invoicing and automated billing system.

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