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All around the world people want to fall in love. This has been a boon for many online companies. As people try to avoid the stigma of meeting someone at the bar they’ve turned to internet forums to meet their soul companion. Though meeting someone online has attained its own set of stigmas and prejudices it has proven to be an effective way to connect with others. The question becomes how can you assess whether the person on the other end is a good fit?

Every online dating company answers this question in a different way. Some base it solely on age, location, and gender. These are in fact the bare bone minimum requirements for two people to build a relationship. As many have come to find out these baseline requirements by no means give any indication of the success of the relationship. As such, some sites have made attempts to improve people’s chances of finding a good match. These range from personality matching, astrological sign pairing, to filling out simple questionnaires. What if there was a way to tell immediately if someone was a good fit? Such as a simple and easy test that is in most cases an accurate indication about a couple’s compatibility. One such test is brought to us by a newly released site, Soul2Match. And the test? They compare two people’s faces and give them a compatibility rating.

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In Soul2Match’s words, “Science proves that soul mate relationships are based on shared values which can be detected in facial features. The biometric software of Soul2Match analyzes your facial features and bone structure and helps detect your soul mate love and friendship.

The first thing we need to address is the obvious- that this seems exceptionally superficial and vain. How can you reduce two people to their aesthetic appearance? If you take this approach too often in life you’ll reduce everyone to the superficial shell they happened to be born with. But, per Soul2Match’s mission statement their goal is to map facial features to actual values of the person. So the next question becomes, is this possible?

Let’s think about it for a second. Ever meet someone who appeared sleazy? How about someone who you didn’t trust, or someone that you liked? The answer is yes, of course you have. Somehow, someway we all subconsciously make these assessments based upon how people look. An interesting study indicates that unattractive people are more likely to be criminals than attractive. Is this because they’ve been rejected by society and proceeded to descend into a life of crime? Or do their coarse actions ultimately become reflected in their face? Interestingly, the latter line of thinking has been much more prevalent throughout history than we realize. It’s known as physiognomy.

While wholesale acceptance of assessing people based upon physical appearance is questionable, in the context of online dating it’s actually fun. So I signed up for Soul2Match’s free offering and uploaded a pic. Of Charles Manson. You’re actually allowed a few pics, one for your profile, the other is your key picture. The key picture roughly resembles a mug shot so that the patent pending biometrics software can do its magic. Once set up you can enter one of two walls. The first is the match wall. Here you can utilize Soul2Match’s tool and upload key photos of yourself and people you know to gauge your biometric compatibility. Imagine getting the call from your girlfriend stating that you are not compatible according to the latest scientific pairing assessments. As an aside, Soul2Match addresses this issue in their FAQ, “There is no good or bad. Love works in mysterious ways. This means the low compatibility score is an excellent rating for you.”

This Ukrainian Beauty is Only 19% Compatible with Manson- It works!

The real fun is the flirt wall. Here you can browse through potential mates getting quick assessments of your compatibility rating. You can check the scores and send a message if you like. You can imagine the surprise when the girl found out she’s 34% compatible with Mr. Manson. It made for a good conversation starter. Ultimately Soul2Match will be a paid service with messaging people on the flirt wall being a subscription service. This helps raise the bar on the quality and intentions of its patrons.

Soul2Match takes a fun and very real approach to starting relationships. Though its not intended to be the sole means by which people are gauged it makes a natural place to start. In a sense, Soul2Match does with a program what we all do instinctively in real life. For better or worse we all hold the value that happy couples are those that share similar features. If one party is decidedly different looking they just don’t look right. Taken in the right spirit, Soul2Match is a fun and interesting way to measure your compatibility with others and meet new people online.

  • Jane Hatchett

    Sounds very interesting! Finally something fresh. Your review made me wanna try it now! Off I go!

  • Vanya

    Great review! Explains all features and advantages in a cool clear way!
    I think the concept is the future of online dating – get a compatibility match in just seconds without the need to answer numerous personal questions. Saves time and its fun. Come over! :D

  • Nick Koster

    Very cool :) Didn’t want to get into online dating, but this might be the app that could actually help. Gonna try it out for sure.

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