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It wasn’t so long ago that we chanced upon a service that would send hand written notes directly to people. These archetypes of yesteryear can have a profound effect on relationships helping people connect to others over many miles. Our first foray into the thank you note world wrought us a writer and artist whose works include additions to the Vatican. They stand head and shoulders above any note writing service we’re aware of. Our second venture into this oasis of gratitude comes with a more modern flavor, with Thankuz.

Thankuz is an online note writing service. It bears the same handwritten prose of renowned artists, only with digitally perfect handwritten fonts. It makes it so people with handwriting even as bad as my own can prepare and send notes to those they appreciate. It’s a handwriting note service for the rest of us. And, as it requires no work on the part of human writers on the other end, it’s free.

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All notes are created based upon templates where the font and background are set, and the content can be personalized as you would like. To make things easy for you it comes in a Mad Libs type format. That is, the basic sentence structure of the note is provided and you can fill in the blanks. Users have full control and can delete or add anything they choose though. The net result is your thank you note can be prepared and ready to go in a matter of minutes. It’s more personal than sending an email and easier than writing a written note and mailing it.

There are a couple other formatting options including selecting a note type. This is a classification where you indicate whether this is a note for a person, organization, friend, family, or celebrity, or for a birthday, or anniversary. There are a variety of settings to clarify the occasion of the note. The other more interesting option is the ability to attach a photo. This sets behind the note as if it were set on a desk or table. The user can click it to see the thoughtful photo you included. The sending options include sending a direct link by email, Facebook, or Twitter. All notes are given a specific page which comes with a comment section to carry on a dialogue.

Sample Thank You Note

As a service Thankuz offers a great note writing tool. As a website they do a number of things well which deserve recognition. First is that you don’t need to register to create notes. They realize that users don’t necessarily want to be their best friend just to send a note. As such anybody can create one. The only caveat is that the user is then responsible to keep track of the note’s profile page. By registering all your notes will be saved. The other thing we like about Thankuz is that it’s a simple service, but done well. The glide-i-ness of the photos coming to the foreground and background is the mark of someone who’s done this before. It’s great to see a simple service built with a bit of pizzazz.

Thankuz brings online thank you note giving to the masses. Not everybody can afford a custom handwritten note service. Everybody has the ability to create simple online notes for free though. For this Thankuz is the tool of choice with its full offering of themes and fonts, and easy to use service.

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    Wow Steve! What a terrific write up! Thank you for putting so much thought and effort into your review, we’re grateful for your keen insights.

    We’re so happy that the Thankuz concept is being adopted and appreciated by our users. We hope to continue to improve the Site and Service even more, and would love any feedback the SlapStart community might have. Thanks again.

    Matt Franklin

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