Whimventory: The Universal Wishlist System

Wishlists are fun to make. As kids we all keep an ongoing list in our heads of things we want. These range from bikes to toys to educational materials. Well, most kids don’t look forward to books or the new sets of clothes that come with them. Wishlists have always been for the fun gifts. As people get older the content of their lists change. Many of us do include books on our lists, clothes, along with concert tickets, vacations, and numerous other items. One thing’s never going to change though- people will always want more stuff.

Online retailers have already capitalized on this. The most prevalent of these is Amazon which has an elaborate wishlist system. As Amazon has grown to become the central hub of buying just about anything online it has allowed its users to prepare lists of wanted items. Another major area for wishlists are for upcoming weddings. Many companies have designed systems to select gifts for people to purchase which will in turn be delivered for them. It takes all the pain (and some of the thought) out of giving gifts.

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With so many online stores there’s really no central way to keep track of all one’s desired gifts. That is, until Whimventory was launched. It’s a wishlist tool that works across all online stores so that anyone can keep track of everything they’d like to purchase.

The way Whimventory works is you need to add a special link to your bookmark’s toolbar. This then acts as a button anytime you’re on the profile page of an item you’d like to purchase. You simply press the button, the relevant information is added, and it’s now added to your list. It makes it simple, easy, and fun to create your wishlists. The data that’s tracked is the name of the item, the price, and a thumbnail picture. When adding items people can adjust these values in case they aren’t extracted from the website accurately.

By integrating the wishlist system within the browser it makes it universal across any and all websites for any item online. Typically users will add items from online stores such as Amazon or Buy.com. They could also add them for concert tickets, vacation destinations, or anything else they find interesting. Wishlists can be made for general use, weddings, upcoming birthdays, or any other event. Once the lists are created you can share them with friends through social networks or by sending it to friends directly. A sample wishlist can be seen below.

Whimventory Sample Wishlist

Items in lists can be favorited, marked as purchased, or removed. You also have the ability to send gifts anonymously or recommend items to other people. Of particular interest is a helpful feature that allows you to compare prices for the item online. It brings up a Google Search page that searches on the item’s name on Google’s shopping section. This is a great way to find out if you’re getting the best price available.

Wishlists are an integral part of our society. Everybody wants new things. It could be an iPhone, a new computer, a book, clothes, or a trip to Maui. I’ll take the trip to Maui, if anyone’s taking notes here. For everyone else they can create their own lists with Whimventory. It’s the easiest way to let everyone know what you’d like.

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