CityPockets Eats DealBurner

We all know the business world can be cut throat. The old adage of business is business is best interpreted as a saying people will do whatever they can, whenever they can, so long as a reasonable stretch of the law will allow it. These sordid stories have a long history in towns such as New York and Chicago. Rumors of backroom deals abound behind the curtains of a company’s well manicured front. Certainly some of the most successful tech moguls are widely known for their ruthless tactics.

So when I hear about up and coming tech executives gaining recognition, leading their start-ups to profitability, and acquiring companies, I’m already a bit suspicious. I get visions of people blindfolded being interrogated for hours in a dark room. Threats are made to family members, secret messages are delivered by clandestine figures, and finally an agreement is reached. In a ceremony reserved for weddings, graduations, and such business dealings, everybody joins together in harmony to make the public announcement.

Today’s such announcement comes to us from CityPockets. They’re the global leader in second hand discount deals. If that doesn’t sound fishy I don’t know what does. They recently acquired DealBurner, a provider of a mobile, geo-relevant deals. The formal pronouncements hail it as a move to give CityPockets the largest inventory of daily deals past, present and instant. They all look so happy and contented as they make this announcement. The slightly forlorn look in DealBurner’s executives is hardly perceptible.

Perhaps a bit more explanation of what CityPockets does is in order. While they’re not hunting business acquisitions and breaking the spirits of aspiring entrepreneurs, they host your discount deals. In fact they have an entire marketplace of deals. These deals may come from Groupon,  LivingSocial, Tippr, BuyWithMe, and so on. You can seamlessly track them all from your CityPockets interface so you don’t ever lose track of them. The marketplace allows you to buy and sell deals from other users. So you can sell deals you aren’t going to use, or you can pick up after market deals from other individuals.

DealBurner on the other hand is strictly a mobile app. You log in with Foursquare or Facebook Places. Then you check in at whatever location or venue you’re at and it will send you local deals right then. They bring the instant to CityPockets’ existing offering. The synergies between these two companies are obvious, opening up a continuous and fuller flow of deals and discounts to all. This come to us at a steep cost to the DealBurner excs. We can only assume they’re spend the rest of their lives looking over their shoulders. After all, CityPockets is from New York.

DealBurner Home

Nobody wants to pay more than they have to. Daily deals, daily discounts and the like have opened up opportunities for consumers to get things at steeply reduced prices. They’re so valuable that they warrant a second hand market in CityPockets’ core offering. For those who have already left the house and would like to see if they can find something last minute, DealBurner is their best shot.

The business world has many dealings. From cement shoes to seductive sales people there are forces that drive business that we never see. While we can only surmise what may have led up to DealBurner turning over the keys to the growing powerhouse of CityPockets, what we can do is take advantage of these deals. Whether we’re at home or out and about, they’re always available. And we’ll let the modern day business pirates duke it out on their own.

DealBurner’s site is down! Looks like CityPockets really did eat them. Would have expected at least a redirect to CityPockets’ site, but alas, no dice. By all measures DealBurner was a smashing success and we expect CityPockets to continue to be.

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