Moby: Mobile Personal Safety Device

Although stats are difficult to come by it’s suggested that 900 thousand people go missing in the United States each and every year. Although few of these fit the stranger in the night style abduction, roughly 30,000 are deemed involuntary. Conspiracy theorists are awash with explanations of the missing. These range from alien abduction, satanic ritual, and getting lost in the J aisle at Walmart. Although I’m not taking any chances in America’s superstores, the reality is every time you leave the house you never know what could happen.

We live in a day and age where technology can track our every movement. Right now those same people leery of alien abductions can rest assured that the large corporations and governments they fear know exactly where they are. The way they do so is with their cell phone. Although to some this is cause for great concern, to others it’s a helpful means to track those that have gone missing. Law enforcement agencies have set up the processes to utilize these networks to aide their investigations. But what about the rest of us? As it turns out you can, in the same way you can do anything else with your phone. You download an app. Such an app is provided for free, by Moby. It’s the latest offering from Contigo, a nine year leader in GPS and location based services.

Moby Location Tracking App

Moby, found at, is a private location sharing service for you and those you care about. With it you can set up alerts, check ins, and location tracking with a trusted network of friends and family. All these give people the ability to set up a security safety net when they’re out and about.

The alerts feature allows you to immediately send notification to your established network of contacts in order to inform them that you’re in need of help. With one click it sends your location by email and text message so they can respond. The check in tool is for situations where you know in advance you’re going into a questionable situation. It could be a real estate agent meeting a client for the first time or when you’re working alone late at night. The check ins will be sent at the scheduled time, at which point users can confirm they’re OK. If they don’t respond then their contacts will be alerted along with their location.

The tracking tool gives you the ability to share your ongoing location with selected contacts. Let’s say you’re going out on the town on Friday and don’t know exactly where you’ll end up. To be safe you can share your updated location with those you trust. That way if they see you jumping on a plane to Vegas they can call you and make sure you’re with the right people. Or if they see you heading to an exes house they can begin their intervention routine. Safety concerns come in many different shapes and sizes.

The basic offering is free and allows you to set up your safety network among friends and family. For those who would like an extra level of security they can sign up for Moby’s 24×7 security monitoring system. This notifies their trained response team if an alert is sent or check in is missed. They’ll also track your location live during an emergency.

Personal safety is always a concern. Although you can’t always worry about it you can take measure to protect yourself. Moby is a free and easy way for people to utilize their phone and network of friend to ensure people are looking out for them if something unexpected happens. With it friends, families, and professionals can ensure they’ve taken the necessary precautions no matter what circumstance they may find themselves in.

Moby took a turn for the worse. They declined to continue offering their family locating service. Perhaps the broken families of western culture weren’t actually interested in where their family members happened to be. Area safety enthusiast Lloyd Hillsburg was quoted as saying, “When I was young none of us had personal safety devices when we rounded up them head of cattle.” “Think they’ll be fine without them now” he continued.

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