Swackett: The Weather Peeps

Tonight I enjoyed one of my favorite parts about living in San Francisco- the ability to see world class tourist destinations right out my door. And so I went for a walk and ended up at Coit Tower. It provides a great view of the bay (especially if they’ll ever cut the trees back!). The view of the bay bridge with the east bay in the backdrop is actually the best. You can see the pristine water with the lighted bridge above it. And then lightening in the background- in September. What is this madness? There I was in shorts and a fleece and it’s about to rain all of sudden. Living in California I’ve grown slack on how often I check the weather. It’s usually pretty nice most of the year.

Knowing what mother nature has in store for us is rather important though. In many parts of the world it can be a serious safety concern. Not only do you need to dress differently but you might not leave the house at all. As such, people have turned to the web to find the latest weather. Based upon the temperature and chance of various weather systems coming through they decide what to wear and how to go about their day. For many checking the weather is an essential part of their day.

Swackett Demo

Checking the weather is about to get easier and more instant, with Swackett. It’s an Apple based app that runs on desktops and mobile devices that tells you exactly what you want to know- what to wear when you walk out the door. Swackett derives its name from the slang for sweater, jacket, or coat. This summarizes the decision people need to make as they get dressed. Once installed you can add your location and check it instantly. What you’ll find are cartoon people, dubbed peeps, that are dressed per the expected weather conditions. If it’s cold out they’ll be wearing boots, coats, hats, and the like. And if it’s sunny they’ll be in flip flops and shorts. In a matter of seconds anybody can determine what to wear.

Swackett pulls its information from one of the major weather channels, AccuWeather. For those who want the full blast of data it’s there for their perusal. They can see real feel temperatures, humidity, dew point, wind direction and speed, animated weather timelines and radar imagery. For those who just want the bottom line they can look at the peeps and see what they’re wearing and dress accordingly.

Swackett introduces some creativity with their peeps in that you can download various editions. These are each dressed differently according to various styles. They have academy peeps, the little peep edition for kids, the modern edition, the 1950s edition, with many more planned. Some are free, others are $1.29. You can also request custom editions for your organization or club.

The weather is constantly changing. Thus most people need to check it every day. Swackett brings a new level of convenience to checking the latest forecasts. With it you can know instantly what to expect, and if you’re curious you can readily find detailed information as well. It provides both simplicity, ease, and a bit of entertainment to one’s weather checking. The pressing question of the day will not only be how nice it is outside, but also what the peeps are wearing today.

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