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I’m in the early stages of trying to find a flight home for Christmas.  It’s not pretty.  Airfare is ridiculously high and showing no signs of coming down – yet.  Fortunately, there are a ton of cool tools like and to help me search multiple carriers for the best deal.  The same thing can be said nowadays with car insurance, home electricity, hotels, and so much more.  It’s a good time to be a consumer.

But what about shopping for your home broadband, mobile broadband, or smart phone?  After all, there are tons of providers out there, and as anyone who’s checked their monthly bills can attest, the fees sure add up.  Well, now there is a third-party, unbiased site to help you intelligently shop around for the best broadband and smart phone deals out there: BroadbandGenie.

BroadbandGenie Home

BroadbandGenie provides, in their own words, “a place where UK consumers can learn about home broadband, mobile broadband and smartphones and how to compare broadband providers in an unbiased, independent, plain-English environment. We maintain reviews and price comparison data for all the leading broadband ISPs and mobile broadband networks, and many of the smaller ones too.”

The site makes navigation simple.  Just choose from one of four major boxes: compare home broadband, mobile broadband, smart phones, and talk to a human (what a concept!)  Then there are also cool deals available, consolidated on its mobile broadband with iPad and tablet PC deals page.  BroadbandGenie is ahead of the curve on this one, as anyone who’s been following the smart phone market will tell you.  For those not in the know, we just learned a few weeks ago that Amazon has officially entered the tablet arms race; the online retailer, along with other electronics manufacturers believe that they can effectively go after and undersell Apple.  It’ll cause many sleepless nights for business managers over there, but it’s great news for consumers, which is why BroadbandGenie’s offering is so cool.  It provides a subsidized iPad or tablet PC with a pay-monthly mobile broadband contract.

Take a look at what they’re offering and you’ll quickly see it’s a veritable buffet of tablet goodness.  For example, for £149 upfront and £25 per month, I can get a 24-month contract for a 64GB iPad with speeds of 7.2Mb and 15 GB’s worth of downloads per month.  And that’s just one of many deals available – all of which will fit into your budget.  In addition, BroadbandGenie takes the lessons taught us by Amazon and their ilk by providing informative, peer reviews so you know what you’re buying in advance.

Mobile broadband with iPad & tablet PC deals

The same principles also apply to UK broadband comparison.  Now call me a technology neophyte, but back when I was in England in 1998 I was struck by the sophistication of the country’s mobile devices and networks.  (I mean, here in 2011 my friend still can’t get reception in a small American city; he has AT&T, of course.)   The UK’s wireless infrastructure has only improved in the past decade or more, and given the fact that there are multiple broadband providers vying for your business, BroadbandGenie’s comparison tools, deals, and peer reviews can save you time and money.

Check the link and you’ll see a host of UK broadband deals available.  The top deal – which comes along with a 69% approval rating of users – finds Sky offering £5 per month unlimited broadband for six months, plus 20 MB broadband with unlimited downloads.  After seeing this, as an experiment, I went to Sky’s website to shop around for similar deals.  I was confused.  I mean, they had a “Shop” selection on the navigation bar, but under it, there were multiple, seemingly repetitive options, “Bundles and Offers” versus “Broadband & Talk” versus “Buy Sky.”  My point: it took me a whopping .05 seconds to find that killer Sky deal on BroadbandGenie’s site, whereas after a minute or two on Sky’s home page, I found myself flustered, irritated, and just not fun to be around.  Throw in the fact that Sky is just one single provider – others include Virgin, Talk Talk, Plusnet, BT – and you can see how difficult it truly is to shop around on your own.

Ergo, the beauty of BroadbandGenie: it consolidates deals from multiple UK providers so you don’t have to, saving you time and money in the process.  Most importantly, it has no broadband dog in the hunt, as we awkwardly say here in the States; meaning, BroadbandGenie’s primary value proposition is its objectivity and its keen ability to articulate complex telecom and networking terms in plain-spoken English.  How refreshing.

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