Replo: Tracking Ad Efficacy

Internet marketing is one of the weirdest things in the world. People carry on with the oddest antics in an attempt to get more attention. Some employ complex keyword schemes to trick Google into sending them more search traffic. Others establish voting brigades on social networks to push their preferred content to the top. Still others tattoo their logo on persons of questionable character. Sometimes I stop and wonder, how did it ever come to this?

One of the tried and true methods of gaining internet traffic is to pay for it. You pay an advertiser to host your ads on their network of sites. Many if not most web developers take part in this either as a host or advertiser. This method is a great way to bring an immediate influx of targeted users. It’s also a great way to spend a whole lot of money. As paid advertising can be a costly endeavor businesses would do well to track the success of their campaigns. They need to know which advertisers are leading to the highest conversion rates. Once you have more than one advertiser in the mix and target multiple pages this data becomes fleeting and time consuming to monitor.

Providing a tool that gives marketers, advertisers, and site owners full insight into the effectiveness of their ad campaigns is Replo. You can install simply tracking codes which will produce full reports to monitor the success of your ad campaigns. Replo is a tool for a web development and marketing firms to implement so they can provide reports back to their clients.

A full articulation of Replo’s usage can be found here. A high level overview is you first create a client. Next you create a campaign. From there you follow the campaign wizard to set up tracking for your ad campaign. The campaigns consist of goals, landing pages, ads, advertising channels, and then routing rules. The goals could be something like selling more mud masks or registering new users. The landing pages are the pages that the user will arrive on once they click an ad. The ads are typically banner or text ads that link to the landing pages. Advertising channels are the sites that will host your ads. And the routing rules explain all the different paths between ads, advertising channels, and landing pages. You may have the same ad hosted on multiple sites, targeting multiple pages on your own. You can set up all the various paths to your content so all the data is collected.

Replo allows multiple methods of deployment as well. Ads can have a tracking code installed on the link so Replo will know where it came from. Or the ads can be tracked by the landing page itself. The latter is useful if you include an easy to type URL in a mailer offline. That way you can even track offline marketing efforts. You can also track ads using redirects from Replo, which routes the user for a split second to Replo’s server and then on to the landing page. Replo just provides the tools, clients can select the solution that works best for them.

Replo Dashboard

As the data is collected there are many ways to filter it. You can slice and dice it however you like. If you’d like to see all the goals achieved from a certain advertising channel you can filter on that. Or if you’d like to see which advertising channels had the most conversions across the board that’s readily viewable as well. It provides online graphs, and all data can be exported in CSV format for offline processing. A particularly helpful feature is the custom reports. Here you can create a report and share it with your client. That way you don’t have to email reports back and forth. Replo allows you to add users and set permissions to give staff and clients appropriate access.

Advertising online is at the heart of any successful website. It’s the only tried and true method of maintaining a steady influx of traffic. Replo gives you the tools to ensure you’re getting the most value for your money spent. With it web development and marketing firms can clearly document the effectiveness of their ad spend and make quantitative decisions with that information.

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