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For those who follow along closely, we at SlapStart are always enthusiastic about sites that have anything to do with bands. Bands are the opposite of the boring life. In a band you stand before the roar of the crowds, you live the life of luxury, and people buy you free beer. Well, the reality is you stand before half filled rooms of people who might be listening. And we don’t recommend quitting the day job, but people do still offer you free beer. At least the bartender tends to send some up to you. Sometimes. It happened at least once I think. Anyhow, bands are good.

What bands need most is for people to get the word out about their music. In fact, this is what every start-up initiative needs. Consultants need a home online to direct people to. Many people enjoy having a home page that represents their skills and interests. By now just about everybody has a homepage online somewhere.

Portfolio pages can be created in a variety of different ways. The truly inspired can build them from scratch with HTML and style sheets. This presents the issue that you’re reinventing the wheel each and every time. Sidestepping this is to hire someone to build one for you. Those who are skilled in the arts of web development will almost invariably be faster and better than people setting one up for the first time. But paying someone may cost more money than you intended. It also requires a certain amount of oversight to ensure the final product is to your liking. There needs to be a way to build a site on your own but doesn’t make you start from scratch.

As it turns out there are many ways to utilize prebuilt tools to build websites. Google and Yahoo offer various versions of these, along with any number of other vendors. The question becomes which should you choose, and why. Whatfolio is one such provider of online portfolio building tools, and they bring a new slant to their product. You can not only build a website, but it’s readily converted to be iPad, tablet, or mobile device format as well. With it anybody can access your site from the device that’s most convenient to them. So if you meet someone at a social gathering and want to share your site, they can bring it up on their Droid or Blackberry right then and there.

When building any site content is key. Whatfolio’s prebuilt pieces give you a number of widgets you can add. These include Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, or RSS feeds from your favorite blog. You can also add content from your Tumblr account including posts, photos, quotes, music, and videos. Or you include your Blogger account. Finally, and true to our highest ideals, you can add Bandsintown and Soundcloud. What would the world be without music?

Whatfolio Home

The core offering for Whatfolio is free. You can set up an online portfolio and point the entire world to it. Soon to be offered you’ll have the ability to remove the Whatfolio branding and solely include your own logos and labels. You can also use your own domain, which makes it a fully white label solution.

Whatfolio is a dynamic tool that people can utilize to create a presence online. Whether they’re a business, an inspired individual, or an up and coming band, it’s an easy way to set up an attractive portfolio website. With it all people can bring a site online, which can be viewed across multiple mobile apps.

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