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It’s said that one of the secrets to success is being dedicated to one thing. By investing oneself wholly and completely into a certain field you’re bound to become knowledgeable in it. Over time you’ll know instinctively how to accomplish things better, smarter, and faster. This doesn’t happen overnight; it takes years to build up one’s repertoire of expertise.

When it comes to being an expert in web building, one piece of building websites is to include forms. Forms are found in just about every website out there. They’re the basis of what makes the internet interactive and have allowed for online communities to exist and ecommerce to thrive. Just about everybody who can build a website can build a form.

So why is there a need to outsource such a simple endeavor? It’s just as easy to create the form yourself, which most people know how to do anyway. As it turns out, there are forms, and then there are forms. A barebones minimalist form will do little to impress your user base. Drab text boxes with a few radio buttons will get the job done, but to spruce things up you need a better solution. You need JotForm.

JotForm is built by form people. We aren’t sure exactly what form people are like, but we do know they exist. Just like all of us have hobbies of various sorts, the JotForm folks are really into forms. Make fun if you must, but the JotForm people have come up with a fully featured form builder tool. Moreover, it’s free for limited usage. Impressively, they don’t curtail the functionality for non paid accounts, only the overall usage.

A JotForm form is special in that it provides many easily integrated widgets you can add to your form. Its drag and drop interface allows people to add all the basic form information and then a variety of other features as well. These include, surveys, payment options, calendars to pick dates, and a Captcha option. I have a soft spot for Captcha systems, in case anyone’s wondering. The full listing of form options can be found on their site, which will undoubtedly impress most web developers. The star rating system, slider, and grading options are particularly interesting. For advanced users you can set up conditions based upon users’ actions. You can also integrate it with a Facebook application.

JotForm Sample

Once you’ve constructed the form the only thing left to do is post it online. There are many different embed options including iFrame, Lightbox, Pop-up, or you can use the source code. The simplest is to embed it on a web page just like a video or any other embeddable object.

JotForm is the type of tool that we could talk at length about, or just direct you to their service. The WYSIWIG interface is one of the best we’ve seen and is worth a look-see for all web design enthusiasts. And with that, we applaud JotForm for their sincere and heartfelt dedication to an aspect of web development that is both critical and a tad bit mundane. Using their tools allows developers to work on the more pressing aspects of their sites, and leave the forms to those who enjoy them most.

  • Aytekin Tank

    Thanks Steve for such a beautiful review. I’m the founder of this service. You are right, we pretty much always think about web forms. :)

    Before I started JotForm, I worked for a large online media company. One of the internal products I built was a form builder tool for our editors. That’s how I started on this journey. Once drag & drop and AJAX became possible in 2005, I pretty much had to build JotForm. It was a big itch.

    Our goal is to make this mundane task easy, quick and fun. We spend a lot of time with user testing to accomplish this. We are also trying to expand the possibilities with forms. Such as facebook forms, payment integrated forms, dropbox integrated forms, feedback buttons on the side of the page. We are right now working on an exciting new project that allows you to take a screenshot of the page, and annotate it just by clicking on a feedback tab on the side of the page. I think any website owner can use such a useful tool.

    This is a very useful review blog. Keep up the great work! :)

  • Louis Slade

    This is such a powerful and user friendly tool. I’m definitely looking forward to when JotForm expands its features to complement facebook and other social media websites. CHeers to you both!

    Louis Slade
    Email Marketing Company

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