BountyIt: The Cheap Random Labor Force

In Business sometimes you just want to get something done. You need it now and you don’t really want to fuss with searching for the right person. The conventional methods of hiring someone can be tiresome. First you must post an ad online, receive resumes, review qualifications and portfolios. Then you need to interview a few folks, select one, negotiate a fee, scope of work, and a schedule. It takes a lot of work just to start getting the work done. There must be an easier way.

Fortunately, there is. It’s called BountyIt. BountyIt is a place for business to hire people for small jobs. It uses a unique crowd sourcing model that pools the net talents of the web at large.

BountyIt Home

Here’s how it works. First businesses will post their bounty. They describe a job and set a price. The jobs can be anything from Feedback, Service Wanted, Service Offered, and Promotion. Feedback is where you’re just asking people’s opinion on something. Given the nature of the web and these types of forums most likely you’ll be receiving feedback from more technically minded crowds. Service Wanted is likely to be considered the crux of BountyIt in that business can post clear statements of work and receive bids for it. Service Offered is a bit of a switch-a-roo where those looking to sell their talents and creative wares, can do so. And finally Promotion is where minds meet to provide and buy slices of the ever elusive marketing pie. I found it just a little bit slightly humorous that they suggest a tweet could be sold for $1. As of June 2011 there were approximately 200 million tweets sent per day. In the world of supply and demand I’d say that sets the price of tweets close to zero. And we send our deepest condolences to anyone who finds themselves on the receiving end of ANY OF THEM. (We aren’t big fans of Twitter around here…)

But enough of our failed effort to defeat Twitter by sending angst in its general direction, let’s talk about BountyIt. As mentioned, it uses crowd sourcing. That is, multiple people have the opportunity to work on the project. Each project is given a deadline at which point all those who provided work, promotion, etc., are in line to be paid. Once the bounty is closed the poster will either pay the person whose work they valued the most or they’ll split the payment among a series of contributors. So for the poster it’s a great way to get a lot of work done, and for the workers it gives them a chance to get some cash.

Bounty Poster for Web Design Project

Getting things done is a top priority for all businesses. They throw tasks around to the staff but inevitably things crop up that are outside everyone’s skill set. BountyIt is on the job. It allows businesses to post their jobs and get a pool of workers to fill the need. It also allows people to market their skills in service to other businesses. It’s a creative solution to filling in holes in one’s workforce. And it also allows those who have marketable talents to fight for some hard earned dollars.

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