TeamLab: Starting the Green Hue Productivity Ooze

Everybody has their quirks. There are things they like that nobody else does. They may have a certain way of doing something, or a favorite food that nobody else seems to enjoy. I have a friend who compulsively checks that the gas is off. And there’s another friend who cleans the floor with queue tips. These make people unique and help you know who they are.

Today I’m going to reveal something quirky about me: I like business management software. Although each product offering is more mundane than the next there’s something about them that I find enjoyable. Perhaps it’s the hope that people will work together in unison and harmony. Maybe it’s that it helps people to be productive. Or they might be better able to provide customer service. I’m not exactly sure why I like it but to me the software that manages business processes is exciting. And so when a new offering comes on the scene I want to know about it.

TeamLab Home

TeamLab has made such an offering in the form of a multifunctional MUL-TI-DIMENTIONAL definitive bonanza of business software tools. Included are project management and business collaboration apps such as blogs, forums, wikis, and the ability for employees to share information. Then they provide online document management which can import docs from Google Docs (Drive?), Zoho, and similar. They have a trusty calendar which really should be lower down the list on their features page because they’re nothing new about a calendar. Except that each day is a new day so maybe if you look at it that way then the calendar is always new. Without even reading their documentation I’m going to hazard a guess that it entails events, milestones, and if we’re lucky, reminders and¬†collaborative¬†integration. Much more interesting than Calendars is their CRM app which manages all customer relations. And then finally they offer email management so you can send, receive, and organize your email through their interface. These come to us at a steep price of FREE for up to one GB of space. There are no restrictions based upon time, users, or number of projects. If that doesn’t get your attention I do not know what will.

Beyond the supple product offering,¬†the next thing you’ll notice is that TeamLab decided to build an attractive interface. Please see the screen shot below if you can handle looking at such a masterpiece. If not then just take our word for it and strike the screen shot from the record. (Can you tell I had jury duty recently? It’s a fairly adequate way to lose a little faith in humanity.) After losing some faith in humanity, I mean, admiring their craftsmanship, you’ll begin to appreciate not only the slickness of style but the intuitive interface. It oozes productivity straight through the computer onto your desk. I personally don’t have any idea what productivity ooze actually looks like but I hear it comes in a greenish hue.

Tasks Oozing Their Way to Completion

But enough about me, hues, the ordering of features on the features page, and listening to people trying to get out of jury duty- let’s remember what brought us here in the first place. Business Management Software as graciously provided by our new friends at TeamLab. Given the crowded space they enter, they came to the party with a chip on their shoulder and something to prove. We’re giving them full marks for doing just that and look forward to hearing of the coming productivity explosion!

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