Dubblen: Double Vision, Double Takes

People love taking pictures. I remember going to Paris and pondering whether there were more people with cameras than with romantic partners. With the advent of digital cameras people can take as many photographs as they like. If they end up with a series of shots they don’t like, they can readily discard them. Once taken, they upload hundreds and hundreds of photographs to Facebook, leaving us to sift through them all. At some point seeing every last detail of someone’s trip or event can become tiresome. A picture is worth a thousand words, and with so many pics being shared sometimes they all start to tell the same story.

For my own travels or events I developed a different strategy. I start the same way as everyone else, taking a picture of everything under the sun. I only share a small handful of select pics with friends though. For my Paris trip I uploaded a grand total of five particularly beautiful, iconic, and memorable photos. I let my friend’s imaginations fill in the blanks of the trip. Otherwise people will end up looking through 146 pics of every last thing I did. With so many pictures out there, we need a new way to take better, more creative and unique pictures.

Dubblen Sample

Dubblen is a new iPhone app that allows you to take two pictures in one. The way it works is first you take a pic for half of the screen, then you take one for the other half of the screen. The end result is the combination of the two. This allows for people’s creativity to shape the overall photo. It can be used to take a wide variety of pictures. One of the most interesting is to include the same person on both sides of the screen. People can take pics of them shaking hands with themselves, throwing a Frisbee, talking, or otherwise interacting. There are a limitless number of possibilities to both intrigue your friends and generate a few laughs. See below for an example of someone telling themselves to get down from the car!

Dubblen comes in two flavors. There’s the free version which allows for vertical splits of the screen and comes with ads. Or you can purchase the paid version which removes the ads and allows you to split the screen both vertically and horizontally. The horizontal splits allows much more room for creative pics. You can add different building tops or skylines to your pics, among other things. There are a few other options including making the pics black & white, turning on or off the flash, or minor color adjustments. Once the pictures are taken they can be readily shared on Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr. You can also email them right away as well.

Dubblen Example

Dubblen found success early. Both free and paid versions have held positions within the top 300 Photo & Video apps in the AppStore. Perhaps I’m not the only one who thinks it’s time for a new way to take pictures. Also noting Dubblen’s early successes is Best10Apps with a thoughtful feature on their offering. It can be found here.

The need to take better, more interesting, and more intriguing pictures is apparent. No longer should people be relegated to pushing hundreds upon hundreds of similar looking shots upon their friends. Now they can make them unique and more memorable. Friends are sure to double take the first time they come across them. It’s sure to be an improved method of capturing moments of creativity every time you get someone to, “Say Cheese!”