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We all know backing up one’s files is of critical importance. Although most of the time our files are safe on our computers, there’s always the threat that something will wipe them out completely. Theft, coffee spills, malicious code, or hardware failure have all caused people to lose important documents. As a result a smorgasbord of backup solutions has emerged offering backups for every type of server and business.

But even with so many options sometimes we just don’t keep good backups. For instance I have some folders on my computer set to automatically be saved. Other folders are not however, which leaves me vulnerable to losing files. If I do have a file of particular importance what I find myself doing is emailing a copy of it to myself for safe keeping. This is a poor way to backup a file as it’s hard to find and easily forgotten about. There’s got to be a better way to backup files to email.

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As it turns out there is, with BackupThat. BackupThat is a new online storage offering that takes advantage of the abundance of freely available storage space in email. It allows you backup your critical files to email so that you don’t have to worry about them. The way the online application works is you first select the files on your hard drive you’d like to backup. Then you click the backup button. And then you’re done.

The restore process is just as easy. You select the files you’d like to restore, then you select the folder on your hard drive you’d like to restore them to, and you’re done. One unique feature of BackupThat is that you can access the files directly from your email if you like. The files are stored in newly created folders in your online email so you can readily navigate to them and download them. Usually it’s more convenient to use the BackupThat interface though.

BackupThat’s basic backup and restore offering is fairly easy to use. It’s also designed so that you can share files with others by linking them to Facebook or Flickr. This way you can keep everyone up to date with the latest events in your life. It also allows you to turn your email box into a music library. You can backup your music files and then access them anywhere you can access your email. You can even stream music to your mobile devices.

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BackupThat’s web based backup solution is an easy to use tool to backup files. It offers virtually unlimited backup space as it uses freely available online storage in email. It fits into a neat niche in the online storage market with its easy to use interface, accessible online storage depot, and free unlimited storage.

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