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Brolmo: The Free Web Application Depot

Let’s envision a scenario. A CEO is sitting at her desk trying to figure out how to implement a new calendar into the company website. Or maybe she wants to poll their users to figure out what people think of their latest product. Or perhaps she just wants to set up a guestbook for users to leave comments. She has a few options. Hire developers to do it in house, off shore the work, or find a pre built solution. And what if one of the options is free? Our CEO’s bottom line savvy eyes quickly hone in on the free solution and it’s quickly rolled out to the site.

What free solution are we talking about? Brolmo of course, which is another product of the well established and regarded company, StivaSoft. This time they built a tool that provides free pre built web applications for both personal and business websites.

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Brolmo’s current offering includes four web applications which can be easily plugged into any website. They are:

  • Free Poll– Set up a poll that your users can readily vote on and see results.
  • Event Calendar– Display a calendar of upcoming events with descriptions. (Pictured below.)
  • Availability Calendar– Display one’s availability and whether they’re free, busy, or pending confirmation.
  • Guestbook– An embeddable comment system that allows users to discuss and share their feedback.

It works very much like a YouTube video where you take a small piece of HTML code and insert it into your website. The scripts and data for the web applications are hosted on Brolmo’s servers. You only need to insert the code for it to work. It works on HTML, HTM, PHP, ASP, CGI, PL, JSP web pages or any other valid HTML based web page. In the same way that customizations can be made to inserted YouTube videos, so they can be made to Brolmo’s web applications. For instance the polls need to be set up on the backend where you describe the question and the possible answers. And the events or availability status of the calendars needs to be set up too. All these customizations, along with sizing, font, color, etc, can be modified within the admin interface on Brolmo’s site.

Brolmo Event Calendar

Registration is free so it costs nothing to get going. Usage is monitored so if you have a particularly successful campaign then you can sign up for one of their subscription services. The free plan meters the number of loads per month, the number of the items you can create under one account and the number of domains you can use a script on. Details on the subscription plans vary per application and can be viewed once registered.

One of the keys to a successful business is delegating tasks so resources don’t get bogged down on issues that aren’t central to one’s business. Certainly building a polling script is not key to most company’s business model, hence is something you want to delegate. The same is true for calendars and guest books. Brolmo takes care of these somewhat mundane but important tasks and built a robust solution that anybody can use. Within minutes you can have a fully functional application working on your website. It can be customized to meet the needs of your site and users so you can focus on core business issues.

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