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ezyTrainer: Online Client Management for Personal Trainers and Fitness Instructors

The other week I was back on the East Coast and a friend turned to me, his face flushed with anguish, and muttered, “I am dreading the winter.”

And he’s right.  For most people, the winter stinks.  But there are some people who actually enjoy winter: snow removal companies, masochists, apple cider makers, slipper manufacturers, NFL executives, and – believe it or not – personal trainers.

Personal trainers because with cold and darkness descending upon the earth, most health-conscious people do the only thing they can do: they go to the gym.  They work out, swim a few laps, take an occasional walk – anything to keep the heart rate going and the waistline from expanding.

ezyTrainer Home

But super-busy personal trainers may need help this winter season, which is where ezyTrainer can really help them.  It’s a unique software platform for personal trainers that allows them to organize their schedules, coordinate bookings, and communicate with clients.  The net result?  Less time fumbling with administrative work, and more face-time with clients.

ezyTrainer, another proud product of StivaSoft, takes the principles of classic Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and applies it to personal trainers.  After all, is a fitness client – with their unique needs, schedules, and regimens – any different than any other typical business client?  (That was a rhetorical question; but just to clear up any confusion, the answer is a resounding, “No.”)

The platform contains a handful of key pieces of functionality that simplifies client management tasks – a significant improvement over most trainers’ current approach, whether it’s scribbling in an old-fashioned datebook or struggling with a smart phone.  So with that in mind, we’d like to highlight some of this functionality.

At the most basic level, ezyTrainer provides intuitive scheduling tools.  It allows trainers to manage their workload from one screen, coordinate bookings, and create their own training profile.  It’s like Microsoft Outlook specifically tailored for personal trainers.  But it gets better: each client in the system is hyper-linked to their unique profile on the back-end.  So, click on an upcoming client and you’ll be taken to their own specific page, which includes all applicable information: full name, e-mail address, exercise regimen, and specific attributes (e.g. “on a gluten-free diet,” “recovering from torn ACL,” “afraid of clowns,” etc.)

Better yet, ezyTrainer allows users to create training programs and classes and invite clients accordingly.  And this is where their classic CRM approach effortlessly drifts into more “marketing”-oriented territory.  In other words, ezyTrainer can help you reach new clients.  Think about it for a second.  Let’s say the trainer has a database of 25 clients and is setting up a class called “Three-Day Plan to Build Muscle.”  Five clients will automatically enroll in this class as it’s part of their training regimen – but the other 20 do not.  ezyTrainer allows trainers to proactively reach out to these other 20 via e-mail and essentially say, “Hey Tom, thought you’d may be interested in this class.”  It takes just a few seconds and is certainly less invasive than a cold-call (I mean, has anyone heard of personal trainers cold-calling clients anyway?)

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Most importantly, ezyTrainer acknowledges that no two clients are the same.  As such, it provides users with tools to create and manage client training regimes, exercises and diets, and goal settings.  This is no small feat: health experts often talk about the need for a “holistic” approach to healing — ezyTrainer makes it a reality.

Speaking of “reality” — it has also come to my attention that this winter will be of the “El Nino” variety.  A bitter dose of reality indeed, as this means lots of rain, lots of unpredictable weather,  and lots of Camus-reading.  But again, let us focus on the bright side: lots of restless, health-conscious people will look to remain fit and spry throughout the misery, which is good news for personal trainers and even better news for those who simplify their lives and expand their client pool with the help of ezyTrainer.

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