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Facebook Cover Maker: The Ultimate Cartoon like Facebook Covers

Migrating to the new Facebook Timeline upset many a user. Not everyone’s quick to explore new horizons and new ventures. But for as much as I can tell, Timeline is here to stay. As of this writing every one of my friends has signed up for it. Along with a wealth of other changes Timeline introduced the new display background of the Facebook Covers. When someone arrives on your profile page they’ll now be presented with your cover image along with your profile pic. Below which are the rest of your life’s most intimate details.

Most of us simply pulled a picture from our albums. After a bit of centering it worked well enough. But like all changes it introduced new opportunities. Facebook Covers are an opportunity to tell the world something about yourself. Aside from your profile pic it’s the most prominent picture in your entire Facebook album. In our increasingly digital world it represents who you are.

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Not every one of Facebook’s users wants to use one of their pictures though. Some would very much rather be coy about their online personas. Which leaves them where? It leaves them looking for creative ways to create their cover images. What they need is a Facebook Cover Maker.

The first such Cover Maker we’ve come across provides stylish cartoon-like images for those looking for a different look and feel for their site. It’s the simplest of tools, really. Select the character to represent you. Adjust their accessories such as hair, mouth, nose, hat, eyes, and clothes. Then select a background to place them in, and you’re done. From there you either download the image locally or upload it directly to Facebook. As of this writing there are sixteen characters to choose from and a number of accessories. More are being added on a regular basis.

Emboldened by our newfound discovery of Facebook cover makers, we dug up a few alternatives. FirstCovers is one such cover maker that boasts the proud tagline “We Did it First, We Do it Best.” They certainly do provide a large array of covers one can choose from, along with a separate cover making tool. Timeline Cover Banner also caught our attention. It comes with what they label a “powerful editor.” In our experience and immediate observations, powerful editors usually have powerful learning curves as well. We quickly raced back to Facebook Cover Maker’s simple tool with understandable options.

Facebook Cover Maker Airline Demo (not to scale)

What Facebook Cover Maker provides is a tool that makes your profile different. It looks like a professionally graphic designed image that catches users’ eyes. I find that it is much more attractive than conventional picture based covers as it helps the profile picture stand out. What Facebook may not have thought through entirely was the fact that Facebook covers and the profile pics that overlay them, often clash. Most users aren’t graphic designers and may not select complementary images. Facebook Cover Maker’s custom characters in their graphical setting help highlight your personal profile pic. Since it’s a cartoon-esque type image, it’s much less likely to class with the profile pic.

Facebook now has over one billion users. Each of them can select one and only one cover image at a time. The selected image could be the difference between getting that girl to add you on Facebook or not. It could tell a potential employer that you take pride in your personal image. It can make your friends realize that you take your Facebook-ing seriously. But really, using Facebook Cover Maker is just a fun way to add a bit of flair to one’s Facebook profile page.

For the perennially curious, you can figure out how many friends are on Timeline by scrolling to the bottom of Facebook’s Timeline page. (while logged into Facebook.)

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