Ray Lewis- American Sports Influencer

SportzHype: Welcome to Your New Addiction

I have a friend who disappears every fall. If you’d like to see him the only option is to stop by his house and sit with him in front of his large screen TV. He’ll be flipping through the channels and monitoring his four fantasy football teams closely. I humored him once and joined one. I almost won. Basketball and baseball seasons aren’t nearly as bad- you actually have a chance to meet up with him. But overall unless you’re a sports junkie then your options are limited.

Following the latest news in sports is a favorite pastime of many. They paint their faces, don their colors, blow their horns, all in support of their venerated and revered team. I live in a town where fans got so excited about a win they torched a public transit vehicle. Sometimes the love and passion for sports can boil over a bit. Saving public transit and providing a safer outlet for sports enthusiasts worldwide, is SportzHype. It’s the new channel for all news, thoughts, and discussions on sports related topics.

SportzHype- The source of your new sports addiction

SportzHype is a user submitted sports news aggregator. Its home page presents the latest news in three sports filled columns. Upon signup users can submit links to articles, photos, videos, or start new topics for discussion. Each of these becomes an item in the main feed to which all can view and comment on. Submissions include the woes of the Detroit Lions, a pic of the Miami Heat shooting bricks, or the latest Titleist wedges.

Right beneath the surface SportzHype is also a social network. You can follow various users to check out their latest content, or send them messages directly. Each submission gives you the opportunity to like them or comment. Submissions are categorized by sport so you can filter on your favorites. You can also create lists and add content to it. Lists will be displayed on your own profile so others can see your favorite submissions. SportzHype is also a contest of sorts. Each user accumulates points as they submit or create content. The more activity, including likes and comments received, the more points are awarded. On top of providing a view for the latest news, you can also view the top submissions. These are the most liked or commented submissions.

Submitting content from the web is made easy by installing the SportzHype HypeIt button. It’s a bookmarklet that allows you to quickly submit content to your account. This allows you to grab an image from any website and add it to one of your lists. Once posted submissions can be shared around the web. This includes posting on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest. In fact, SportzHype can be likened to a Pinterest that specializes in sports.

Ray Lewis- American Sports Influencer

Whether you’re looking for football news, poker, or cheerleaders, SportzHype brings it all to you. It’s an outlet that rounds up all the news on sports related topics. Be it articles, videos, photos, or user created discussions, SportzHype is the place to go for sports. With it people like my friend will become even more lost in their word of sports. And people like my exuberant neighbors might find a more constructive environment to channel their enthusiasm.

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