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TradeUpMobile: The Broken Phone Collectors

It’s happened to the best of us. We purchase a prized Apple iPhone, and sooner or later we drop it. Our once pristine screen is now cracked, broken, and hard to read. Some trudge forward with the shame of having a severely impaired screen. Others begin shopping for a new phone. I have one friend, in the wake of the upcoming iPhone 5 release, “accidentally” drop it into the bath tub. We all knew she just wanted an excuse to buy a new phone.

In any case, sooner or later the day will come when your old phone just isn’t what it used to be. It’s time to move on and get a new one. This begs the question about what to do with the old. Many people do the environmentally conscious thing and properly recycle it. When my last phone fried I dropped it off at a local electronics store. I ran out before the owner could determine if it was worth holding onto or not. The reality is that old phones are often valuable, whether broken or not. And now we can readily trade them in for cash with a new hassle free service offered by TradeUpMobile.

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TradeUpMobile is a new site that will buy back used or broken phones. It works kind of like returning an item to Amazon, except in this case they buy your old phone from you. The way it works is simple. First you need to break your phone or become otherwise disenfranchised with it. Once you have a fairly inoperable phone you’re ready to go. From there you use TradeUpMobile’s gadget finder to indicate what type of phone you have. You’ll specify its condition and receive a quote for it, guaranteed for 30 days. If you accept the offer then you ship it to TradeUpMobile’s depot. They’ll send you a printable label, and packaging as well if requested. You also have the option to pay for the shipping yourself in which case you’ll receive more money for the phone. Once they receive the package and ensure it matches your descriptions, they authorize payment for it. It’s painless on your end and they’ll issue payment within 24 hours of receiving your device.

Many people might be concerned about their personal data. A few notes on that is it’s recommended that you remove the SIM card before shipping. Otherwise they’ll properly dispose of it for you. In all cases TradeUpMobile securely erases all data upon receipt of the phone. The next concern is about payment types. You have many options including PayPal, Amazon gift card, check in the mail, amongst others.

Sell Your Old Phone to TradeUpMobile

As TradeUpMobile’s a new site I noticed they’ve been offering a few bonus promotions and contests to help generate some early adopters. Among these was a contest to win a $50 Tango card. For those who don’t know, this isn’t $50 worth of dance lessons. Tango cards are kind of like super gift cards in that you can use them at multiple approved outlets. In order to enter their contest all one needed to do was follow them on Twitter and retweet one of their approved promotional messages. Pretty simple stuff. Sadly, we missed the deadline for the latest contest but I’m sure future ones will be announced in their blog.

TradeUpMobile is an environmentally conscious service that helps us get money back from our mobile devices. Whether it’s a phone, tablet, or something in between, TradeUpMobile is the place to go to properly dispose of them. The hassle free service makes it easy to earn money back from our phones, even when they’re well past their prime.

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Canoodle: Love Starts With Shared Likes

Some years ago dating online was viewed as a major faux pas. It wasn’t the type of thing you would talk about with everyone. But lots of people were doing it. In a sense, dating online was kind of like meeting someone at the bar was in the good ole days. My old boss used to say he met his wife the old fashion way- at the bar. Well, now the old fashion way to meet someone is online. It’s just too tantalizing to pass up. With millions of people out there surely there’s someone who would be a good fit. One could only hope.

In fact many people hope to find that special someone, because (breaks out in song…)

The lonely nights get cold
Questions from friends and family get old
The desire to share one’s life with another is strong
With Canoodle, how could one go wrong?

Canoodle Home

Canoodle is the latest in one’s online dating arsenal. Launched from cyber dating mavens Cupid, they have 5+ years expertise in matching friends, lovers, and life partners. Romance is their business and Canoodle is the summation of their collective knowledge. It’s based on a principle as old as time, which is finding someone with common interests. They’ve added a new twist to it in that interests can be based upon Facebook likes. That is, every time you like something on Facebook you help bolster your Canoodle profile. In so doing, you increase your chances of finding love. For users who prefer to keep their Facebook accounts separate, they can also register and manually select their interests through a simple selection interface.

The other core component of online dating is proximity. Relationships are built upon shared experiences. Canoodle attempts to match you with people who not only share similar interests, but are also geographically compatible. If someone lives far away it’s difficult to build up a history of commonality from which a life of love can grow. As I write this, a small seedling of romance was just planted on my screen. A message appeared from a young and interested woman who would like to chat right now. Canoodle’s state of the art tech allows you to connect real time to your potential love interests. But, this time around I waited too long and the chat message drifted away. Slowly we’ll learn to move on and go our separate ways, but never forgetting the brief moment we considered chatting with each other.

Seeing as how love doesn’t always wait around, Canoodle offers both Android and iOS apps. In this way people can seek the love of their life whenever they like. We personally find that Canoodling while you’re supposed to be working is particularly effective.

Canoodle iOS and Android App
Canoodle iOS and Android App

Canoodle is 100% free. For those looking for a deeper romantic experience there are a few options. The first is to sign up for a premium account which gives you access to all members. That way you don’t have to wait until Canoodle finds a pair for you. You can contact them regardless of your interest compatibilities. The second option is to purchase credits. These can be used to drop Flirt Bombs, highlight your profile, or be listed as a VIP in search. These are all ways to increase one’s overall visibility throughout the site. Credits are also awarded for nominal tasks such as verifying one’s email address.

Finding love can be difficult, but one should always remember, (breaks out in song, again…)

Love can not be bought
It’s not always found when sought
There’s no formula at all
It humbles both great and small
It’s for both fine and fair
So please never despair
Just wishing is futile
So Canoodle!

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Gamewise: The Fastest Growing Game Network

When I was young I used to play video games with friends. We would get on our bikes, ride all the way across town to the mall, and pick up the latest game. Then we’d head back to one of our houses, install it, and play for months. Countless hours were spent figuring out the latest puzzles, mapping levels, and watching the storyline unfold. Those were good times.

Sometimes we might get stuck at a certain point. Back in those days we had no other recourse but to call the dollar a minute help line which would walk us through the solution. I’m sure we sometimes wracked up more money on the phone bill than we did on the original game.

Gamewise Home (be sure to mouse over the games in their header!)

Nowadays games have changed. They’re faster, interactive, and even life like. And if you get stuck you can usually browse the web and figure out where the secret door is or what the right code sequence to progress to the next stage. There are many places online gamers might go to learn the inside scoop, latest news, or about upcoming games. But now there’s only one they need to know: Gamewise.

Gamewise, found at, is a rapidly growing community based gaming network. Its goal is simple- assemble ALL video game knowledge in a single spot. Given their Jan 2013 launch and rapidly growing base of followers, we think they just may succeed. As of this writing their Facebook fan base is in the tens of thousands and growing every day. Its users have access to 45,000+ game entities which have 125,000+ pieces of content associated with them. If ever a start-up made a big splash, it was Gamewise.

The user flow is pretty straight forward. You register for an account and it immediately prompts you to rate a few games. Based upon your selections it will introduce you to some gamers with similar interests. You can then follow them or others throughout the site to see their updates as they contribute to Gamewise. The three main areas users can contribute are:

  • Rate and discover new games.
  • Brainwaves. These are short thoughts, discussion, reviews, and articles that users can create.
  • Contributions. These are wiki-style collaborative content.

In simpler terms, the Brainwaves section might be likened to the Facebook Timeline (formerly known as the Wall!). Contributions are akin to Wikipedia. And Rate and discover new games is self explanatory. So if you’re an expert at Borderlands 2, you can contribute to its game page adding to or editing its description and related info. This can be anything from walkthroughs, cheat codes, stories, history, spells, skills, articles, images, and every other conceivable means of describing the game. True to its original goal Gamewise includes areas regarding companies, characters, platforms, people, and franchises.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Game Page

Make no mistake, Gamewise was not born overnight. It was well planned, well designed, and is ushering in users by the thousands. Users are assigned different roles ranging from basic, to trusted, to admin. As they make positive contributions to the site their access increases. Over time they graduate from moderated, to moderator. More info about how Gamewise is set up can be found here.

From the early days when I used to ride my bike to the video game store, to today where we can find them online, I’ll always be a gamer. The puzzles are too enticing with the imaginary worlds they let us escape into. Gamewise is bringing the entire gaming world to a central hub where all gamers can find everything there is to know about their favorite games.

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Task Adapter: Stop Entering Redundant Data

All successful business experience growing pains. This is due to the very nature of being successful. When starting out you may manage your contacts in a spreadsheet. Over time you need to migrate to a CRM to handle the load. Initially everyone may work from home, but eventually the team may move to a central office. Almost invariably the systems you begin working with will change as the business expands.

Sometimes you need to maintain two systems. For instance, your bug tracking system may differ from your client facing one. I’ve worked for a client where they used Basecamp for clients, and Redmine for internal bug tracking. Redmine is geared for tracking technical issues and managing internal projects, while Basecamp is geared just for projects. Having two systems allowed us to keep some information private from the clients. This included minor bugs which they really didn’t need to know about, or the technical details of the product. But there was a certain degree of overlap. For instance, sometimes a client would create a list of todos in Basecamp. These would directly map to bugs or new features in Redmine. And the task fell to me to transfer one system’s info to the next. As a long time software connoisseur I knew I was doing it wrong by manually copying such info. But I wasn’t able to find a tool that would transfer one system’s items to the next. Until now.

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Task Adapter is the tool I needed. With it you can migrate tasks between major project management and bug tracking systems. These include Basecamp, Redmine, Atlassian Jira, Github, Microsoft Project, and Mantis Bug Tracker. So whatever route a business takes in its growing pains of success, Task Adapter can allay its pain in keeping its systems up to date.

The way it works is you need to configure both systems so Task Adapter has access to them. Then you set up the mapping so TA knows which field maps to the respective one in the other system. (See below.) Once that’s set up you can transfer tasks from one system to the next seamlessly, painlessly, and without a lot of work. It’s the perfect solution to the issue I had where I wanted to only transfer a few tasks but not all of them.

Configure Task Adapter Field Mappings

Task Adapter fits a niche market for a specific purpose. That is, reducing the amount of redundant data entry a company must do. There will always be the computer illiterate boss who concludes “Just enter it manually.” Such bosses come complete with pointed hair and a long history asking for reports to be printed and placed on their desk. But most of us are fortunate and can quickly convince them we shouldn’t manually entering data twice. In this case, Task Adapter is the tool of choice.

Founder’s note: They may be interested in working with clients for A/B testing, feature suggestions, or other development collaborations. Contact them here for more info.