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Canoodle: Love Starts With Shared Likes

Some years ago dating online was viewed as a major faux pas. It wasn’t the type of thing you would talk about with everyone. But lots of people were doing it. In a sense, dating online was kind of like meeting someone at the bar was in the good ole days. My old boss used to say he met his wife the old fashion way- at the bar. Well, now the old fashion way to meet someone is online. It’s just too tantalizing to pass up. With millions of people out there surely there’s someone who would be a good fit. One could only hope.

In fact many people hope to find that special someone, because (breaks out in song…)

The lonely nights get cold
Questions from friends and family get old
The desire to share one’s life with another is strong
With Canoodle, how could one go wrong?

Canoodle Home

Canoodle is the latest in one’s online dating arsenal. Launched from cyber dating mavens Cupid, they have 5+ years expertise in matching friends, lovers, and life partners. Romance is their business and Canoodle is the summation of their collective knowledge. It’s based on a principle as old as time, which is finding someone with common interests. They’ve added a new twist to it in that interests can be based upon Facebook likes. That is, every time you like something on Facebook you help bolster your Canoodle profile. In so doing, you increase your chances of finding love. For users who prefer to keep their Facebook accounts separate, they can also register and manually select their interests through a simple selection interface.

The other core component of online dating is proximity. Relationships are built upon shared experiences. Canoodle attempts to match you with people who not only share similar interests, but are also geographically compatible. If someone lives far away it’s difficult to build up a history of commonality from which a life of love can grow. As I write this, a small seedling of romance was just planted on my screen. A message appeared from a young and interested woman who would like to chat right now. Canoodle’s state of the art tech allows you to connect real time to your potential love interests. But, this time around I waited too long and the chat message drifted away. Slowly we’ll learn to move on and go our separate ways, but never forgetting the brief moment we considered chatting with each other.

Seeing as how love doesn’t always wait around, Canoodle offers both Android and iOS apps. In this way people can seek the love of their life whenever they like. We personally find that Canoodling while you’re supposed to be working is particularly effective.

Canoodle iOS and Android App
Canoodle iOS and Android App

Canoodle is 100% free. For those looking for a deeper romantic experience there are a few options. The first is to sign up for a premium account which gives you access to all members. That way you don’t have to wait until Canoodle finds a pair for you. You can contact them regardless of your interest compatibilities. The second option is to purchase credits. These can be used to drop Flirt Bombs, highlight your profile, or be listed as a VIP in search. These are all ways to increase one’s overall visibility throughout the site. Credits are also awarded for nominal tasks such as verifying one’s email address.

Finding love can be difficult, but one should always remember, (breaks out in song, again…)

Love can not be bought
It’s not always found when sought
There’s no formula at all
It humbles both great and small
It’s for both fine and fair
So please never despair
Just wishing is futile
So Canoodle!

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