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Gamewise: The Fastest Growing Game Network

When I was young I used to play video games with friends. We would get on our bikes, ride all the way across town to the mall, and pick up the latest game. Then we’d head back to one of our houses, install it, and play for months. Countless hours were spent figuring out the latest puzzles, mapping levels, and watching the storyline unfold. Those were good times.

Sometimes we might get stuck at a certain point. Back in those days we had no other recourse but to call the dollar a minute help line which would walk us through the solution. I’m sure we sometimes wracked up more money on the phone bill than we did on the original game.

Gamewise Home (be sure to mouse over the games in their header!)

Nowadays games have changed. They’re faster, interactive, and even life like. And if you get stuck you can usually browse the web and figure out where the secret door is or what the right code sequence to progress to the next stage. There are many places online gamers might go to learn the inside scoop, latest news, or about upcoming games. But now there’s only one they need to know: Gamewise.

Gamewise, found at, is a rapidly growing community based gaming network. Its goal is simple- assemble ALL video game knowledge in a single spot. Given their Jan 2013 launch and rapidly growing base of followers, we think they just may succeed. As of this writing their Facebook fan base is in the tens of thousands and growing every day. Its users have access to 45,000+ game entities which have 125,000+ pieces of content associated with them. If ever a start-up made a big splash, it was Gamewise.

The user flow is pretty straight forward. You register for an account and it immediately prompts you to rate a few games. Based upon your selections it will introduce you to some gamers with similar interests. You can then follow them or others throughout the site to see their updates as they contribute to Gamewise. The three main areas users can contribute are:

  • Rate and discover new games.
  • Brainwaves. These are short thoughts, discussion, reviews, and articles that users can create.
  • Contributions. These are wiki-style collaborative content.

In simpler terms, the Brainwaves section might be likened to the Facebook Timeline (formerly known as the Wall!). Contributions are akin to Wikipedia. And Rate and discover new games is self explanatory. So if you’re an expert at Borderlands 2, you can contribute to its game page adding to or editing its description and related info. This can be anything from walkthroughs, cheat codes, stories, history, spells, skills, articles, images, and every other conceivable means of describing the game. True to its original goal Gamewise includes areas regarding companies, characters, platforms, people, and franchises.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Game Page

Make no mistake, Gamewise was not born overnight. It was well planned, well designed, and is ushering in users by the thousands. Users are assigned different roles ranging from basic, to trusted, to admin. As they make positive contributions to the site their access increases. Over time they graduate from moderated, to moderator. More info about how Gamewise is set up can be found here.

From the early days when I used to ride my bike to the video game store, to today where we can find them online, I’ll always be a gamer. The puzzles are too enticing with the imaginary worlds they let us escape into. Gamewise is bringing the entire gaming world to a central hub where all gamers can find everything there is to know about their favorite games.

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