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Task Adapter: Stop Entering Redundant Data

All successful business experience growing pains. This is due to the very nature of being successful. When starting out you may manage your contacts in a spreadsheet. Over time you need to migrate to a CRM to handle the load. Initially everyone may work from home, but eventually the team may move to a central office. Almost invariably the systems you begin working with will change as the business expands.

Sometimes you need to maintain two systems. For instance, your bug tracking system may differ from your client facing one. I’ve worked for a client where they used Basecamp for clients, and Redmine for internal bug tracking. Redmine is geared for tracking technical issues and managing internal projects, while Basecamp is geared just for projects. Having two systems allowed us to keep some information private from the clients. This included minor bugs which they really didn’t need to know about, or the technical details of the product. But there was a certain degree of overlap. For instance, sometimes a client would create a list of todos in Basecamp. These would directly map to bugs or new features in Redmine. And the task fell to me to transfer one system’s info to the next. As a long time software connoisseur I knew I was doing it wrong by manually copying such info. But I wasn’t able to find a tool that would transfer one system’s items to the next. Until now.

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Task Adapter is the tool I needed. With it you can migrate tasks between major project management and bug tracking systems. These include Basecamp, Redmine, Atlassian Jira, Github, Microsoft Project, and Mantis Bug Tracker. So whatever route a business takes in its growing pains of success, Task Adapter can allay its pain in keeping its systems up to date.

The way it works is you need to configure both systems so Task Adapter has access to them. Then you set up the mapping so TA knows which field maps to the respective one in the other system. (See below.) Once that’s set up you can transfer tasks from one system to the next seamlessly, painlessly, and without a lot of work. It’s the perfect solution to the issue I had where I wanted to only transfer a few tasks but not all of them.

Configure Task Adapter Field Mappings

Task Adapter fits a niche market for a specific purpose. That is, reducing the amount of redundant data entry a company must do. There will always be the computer illiterate boss who concludes “Just enter it manually.” Such bosses come complete with pointed hair and a long history asking for reports to be printed and placed on their desk. But most of us are fortunate and can quickly convince them we shouldn’t manually entering data twice. In this case, Task Adapter is the tool of choice.

Founder’s note: They may be interested in working with clients for A/B testing, feature suggestions, or other development collaborations. Contact them here for more info.

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