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Health Insurance Quotes: Your One Stop Guide to the Health Insurance System

I remember one time I got a job. After the meeting with HR I felt great about the health insurance plan and all the various options. Then I realized I almost never go to the doctor and regret every time I’ve had to go. It’s usually not under the best of circumstances that one visits a health care physician. But health insurance is important. It’s for those times when we’re most vulnerable. We’re sick, hurt, or otherwise stricken with malaise and malady. And in times such as those we need the assistance of trained professionals.

The health care system in the US can be complicated. There are many options all of which seem confusing. And once you finally select one, it’s even more complicated to figure out which doctor you can visit and when. And if that weren’t enough perhaps you need special services such as X-rays or some other test. In this case you’ll have to wade through all the coverage options, ins and out of network specialists, co-pays, deductibles, and a large variety of options. It can be dizzying. Hence I try as best I can to stick to the don’t get hurt or sick policy.

Health Insurance Quotes Home

But sorting through the many options in health care needn’t be so challenging. In fact sometimes all we need is the guidance of a trusted counselor or resource to help us out. That resource comes to us in the form of Health Insurance Quotes, a new site to help US citizens find the health insurance they need.

Health Insurance Quotes, found at, is a tool that will get bids for multiple health insurance offers from top providers. It focuses on the big three of health insurance- health, care, and costs. To sign up all you do is fill out a simple form, which basically only asks a few medical questions, contact info, and whether you smoke or not. From there you can select a plan that works for you and move forward with it.

But how do you know which plan is best? How can we tell what to value and what isn’t as important? That’s where Health Insurance Quotes site comes in. It’s a resource full of articles and location specific information that can help guide us through the process. It contains general health insurance guides, state specific guides, company ratings for the major providers, and articles on common topics. For instance sometimes it’s best to seek private insurance, and others it may be more suitable to channel your insurance through your spouse.

The service is still in its infancy but the state specific guide promises to be a particularly useful tool. It comes complete with an interactive map that allows you to narrow in on information most relevant to you. This information is provided to us by a team seasoned health insurance professionals. Among their credentials include licenses in no less than 46 states and years long track records assisting people with their policies.

The above introduction video cites five key elements that comprise a complete health insurance plan. They’re as follows:

  • High coverage limit to handle extreme emergencies
  • No restrictions on various expense types
  • Affordable deductible
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Freedom to see a specialist without a referral

These elements are the holy grail of dependable health insurance. Health Insurance Quotes does everything in its power to provide you the insight, resources, and to find a policy that meets your needs. We can’t always prevent trips to the doctor, (although some of us will try), but we can be sure we are covered. Health Insurance Quotes is staged to be the top resource online to help us find the best health insurance plan for our needs.

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